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Episode Recap: Murphy's Law


As the team drives further west, they come to a roadblock near a golf course. As per usual, they're attacked by zombies, and kill a lot of them with the creative use of golf implements ... and actually meet some new zombie-killing friends: Janice and brothers Henry and Brett Zimmerman. Also, Murphy golfs .. and, as per usual, the zombies don't attack him.

As Janice brings water to Murphy, Henry and Brett discuss the fact that Murphy's abilities as the Zombie Messiah could come in handy. The team drinks some booze in the clubhouse, where it turns out they've been drugged by their new pals, who hit the road with Murphy as their prisoner. The Zombie Messiah is frustrated with his new escorts when they say they're not going to California ... and won't reveal their actual destination.

Back at the clubhouse, the team members regain consciousness and find themselves chained to a zombie, which they quickly dispatch with a golf umbrella. After they free themselves with a golf tee (a nice lock-pick in a pinch), they call Citizen Z, who locates Murphy after he cleverly looks directly into a traffic camera during a pee break. It turns out that Murphy's new escorts want his help knocking over a pharmaceutical company, as drugs are better than money in the zombie apocalypse. Murphy reluctantly agrees to help (not that he has a choice), though when the captors aren't looking, he takes a moment to spit into one of their canteens ...

Shortly thereafter, Murphy discovers a new Zombie Messiah power when he finds he can kinda-sorta control Janice's mind after she inadvertently takes a swig of his saliva. Murphy finds ways to share his bodily fluids with his other two captors as well, by cutting Henry's hand and biting Brett's. Now who's calling the shots ... at least somewhat, anyway?

At the pharmaceutical plant, Janice sees her ex-husband Jason, now part of the jacked-up undead horde (zombies love speed, apparently) and accuses Brett of getting him killed during their last attempt to raid the place. Meanwhile, the team, in pursuit of Murphy, spots the zombies who have gotten into the Viagra. "You've officially seen it all, kid," Doc says to 10K as they look on in awe.

Brett lays out an exceptionally convoluted infiltration plan to Murphy, who commences with traversing through the building overrun with tweaked-out Z's in search of the mega-supply of oxycontin. He distracts the zombies by setting off an alarm and finds a computer, with which he chats with Citizen Z, who's been trying to track down the mysterious Dr. Merch, the zombie-vaccine scientist who turned Murphy into the messiah he is today. Murphy turns off the alarm and the zombies return to their rampaging ways just as Roberta and the team arrive on their rescue mission.

In the ensuing wild zombie attack, Janice gets eaten by her husband Jason, Henry is mauled by a bunch of Z's and Brett holds Murphy hostage at gunpoint ... at least until Murphy works his new mind-control trick and gets his captor to turn the gun on himself. Roberta and the team are stunned to learn of Murphy's new power as they hit the road to California in one of the pharmacy vans.