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Episode Recap: Sisters of Mercy


Addy and Mack are somewhere underground, guided by Citizen Z as he's reuniting them with ... Roberta! Doc! Murphy and so forth! It turns out they're at an old CIA black site, at which Citizen Z is able to video-conference with them to direct them to supplies down the hall ... and a sweet new vehicle.

Back on the road, the team comes across Sam, a young boy traveling on foot who tells them he can get them food if they drive him to Salt Lake City. The team drives up to a massive gate guarded by armed women where they are greeted by Helen, the leader of the "Sisters of Mercy," a utopia-like sanctuary for women and children only. The team is allowed to get some food and medicine for Cassandra's infected leg ... but only if the men folk stay outside the compound.

Inside the compound, a gorgeous nature preserve of sorts, Addy and Helen develop something of a daughter-mother bond as the younger woman finally expresses all her pent-up emotions involving her brother and zombie mother. The sanctuary has its sinister side, though, such as its rule that any male child, upon reaching the age of 13, has to leave and walk to Salt Lake City -- and its own sense of justice, which sometimes involves locking up no-good men inside a barn with a zombie bear.

Yes, a zombie bear.

Helen asks Addy to help rescue two ladies being held captive by a biker gang, and a concerned Roberta tags along. When they confront the bikers on the road, Helen works her cult mama powers on Addy and persuades her to kill one of the bikers, who turns into a zombie. This vigilante 'justice' is all too much for Roberta, who's ready to get back on the road to California, but Addy has other plans: she's decided to stay and join the flock.

Mack is upset when Addy tells him of her decision and pursues her when she runs back to the compound gates. Meanwhile, a Sister of Mercy who had seduced Murphy with blueberry pie ends up being taken prisoner by one of the bikers who managed to survive the ambush on the road. Seeking vengeance, he calls out Helen, though he's soon laid out when Mack shoots him in the head.

While Roberta and Cassandra leave the compound, Addy attempts to have her final goodbye with Mack. When Mack refuses to leave her behind, Helen shoots him, a superficial wound meant as a warning to stay away. The team drives off but Mack can't handle it and jumps out of the car, running back to the compound to get his girl back. As the team leaves Mack to his destiny, the sounds of several gunshots are heard, implying that Mack may have been gunned down as he re-approached the gates.

Meanwhile, that sexy blonde Sister of Mercy who enjoyed more than just blueberry pie with Murphy might be pregnant, the little girl in the compound seems to have stolen (or been given) Addy's locket and young Sam is back on the lonely road to Salt Lake City.