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Z Nation: Expect Even Crazier Zombie Action in Season 2

Series creator Craig Engler talks with Dread Central about the upcoming second season of Z Nation.

By Bryan Enk

Man, we miss Z Nation. The final episode of Season 1 aired way back in December, and that was, like, last year. We can't wait to join Roberta, Mack, Addy, Doc, 10K, Citizen Z, Cassandra and, of course, Murphy on their zombie-infested journey again!

Luckily, the wait is almost over, as Season 2 will be premiering on Syfy this fall. Series creator Craig Engler spoke with Dread Central about what's in store for our ragtag group of undead-battling heroes (besides what might be a heck of a lot of nuclear explosions, per the Season 1 cliffhanger): bloodier, crazier zombie action!

"It's super-important for us to come up with new zombies and zombie deaths," says Engler. “We talk about it a lot. We talk about what kinds of zombies there can be. Our show has introduced several different kinds of the living dead, my favorite being the nuclear zombies.


"In Season 2 we have some really cool things planned. Stuff people haven't seen before. It's very important for us to have good and fun zombie kills. That's what people look forward to. If you just kill the zombies the same way every time, it gets a little boring. We're always thinking like, 'Okay, what's in the environment? If you have an unarmed character in a particular environment, what's he gonna grab?' We go into things like what would be around and what would be fun?"

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