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A Z Nation Movie Is Coming and Going Back in Time

Z Nation will go back to the past before heading for the future.

By Bryan Enk

Okay, yes, first of all ... there's going to be a Z Nation movie. Not the kind they show in movie theaters, but a movie nonetheless.

Awesome, right?

The two-hour Z Nation movie will serve as an introduction to Season 3 ... and to do that, the story has to go backwards before it goes forwards.

"We're stating with what I like to refer to as a version of a Doctor Who Christmas special, we're starting with a little Apocalypse special," teased Anastasia Baranova, aka Addy, at Chicago's Walker Stalker Con in May, per Enstars. "We're going back in time … I won't say when, but we are going back in time to some time. Basically there's a story in and of itself, but it also sets up what happens in Season 3."

The Z Nation movie will also introduce fans to the Big Bad of Season 3. "We meet our bad guy, who then is our new bad guy for Season 3, and everything sort of unravels from there," said Anastasia.

It should be noted that the Z Nation gang won't actually be experiencing time travel; this isn't 12 Monkeys, after all. It's just that the film will take place some time before the climax of Season 2.

Z Nation returns in Fall 2016.