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Episode Recap: Adios, Muchachos

Murphy's grand plan is revealed but (spoiler alert) everything goes wrong.


Team Z is still trapped in La Reina's Mexican compound. See, Dr. Kurian and Murphy have come up with a plan to create a fake 'vaccine' that will turn all of the Zeros gang into blended half-zombies under Murphy's control ... and Vasquez is about to be the first one injected.

Luckily, Roberta intervenes and convinces La Reina that the first injection should go to Dr. Kurian. There's some hemming and hawing, but ultimately Kurian injects himself ... and when he's bitten by a zombie as a test of the stuff's effectiveness, it seems like the vaccine actually works! For now, anyway ...

La Reina's minions all get injections, which makes them a little bit woozy. When La Reina demands that Roberta should be next, Murphy intervenes and saves her from the vaccine. It all seems very suspicious to Escorpion, who asks for permission to continue beating up Vasquez. Remember, Vasquez wants nothing more than to kill Escorpion because Escorpion shot his wife and daughter.

So now that Dr. Kurian is completely under Murphy's control (and looks, legit, like Uncle Fester), Roberta discovers that Murphy is starting a blend-army. And she is FURIOUS. The plan is still for the team to get to California, even if they have to take Murphy by force ... but first, there's going to be a go-for-broke rescue mission for Vasquez.

Then something happens to everyone who's gotten an injection: they suddenly come after Murphy. Apparently he can't really control his new "army" as all they seem to want is his blood (and probably his brains, too).

Roberta saves Murphy by decapitating Dr. Kurian and the gang rescues Vasquez. And in a last desperate attempt to escape the compound, they let in all the real zombies to fight the blended ones. It’s an insane plan, but it works.

As the team reaches the outside world, they are met by Escorpion. After an intense round of vengeful fisticuffs, Vasquez throws him back down into the bunker, where he's eaten by zombies. They then ride off INTO CALIFORNIA in a fleet of really badass El Caminos. YES.

Don't get too comfortable, though, as La Reina and Dr. Kurian's talking head seem to have survived the whole ordeal. Stay tuned!