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Episode Recap: Batch 47

What do a past character's return, a dangerous new enemy and a giant plant zombie have in common? This episode.


On the hunt for more Z-Weed, Murphy and Cassandra (sans Wrecking Ball, for some unknown reason) have come to a Minnesota lab, where they find a group of survivors desperate to get their hands on Batch 47, a supposed herbal vaccine against the zombie virus. Unfortunately, the greenhouse (or "Giant Shop of Horrors," as Doc will later call it) wherein this Batch 47 resides is overrun with zombies (duh) ... actually, even worse, phytozombies: half-plant, half zombie hybrids! Murphy finds the guy in charge just as the lab workers are about to send more harvester-types into the Giant Shop of Horrors to collect this mysterious Batch 47.

And then a somewhat familiar face shows up. Remember Dr. Walter Kurian? The bad guy from the Season 1 finale who might be responsible for the outbreak of the zombie virus in the first place? Yep, he's back, and badly burned on the side of his face.

Meanwhile, Operation Bitemark, in pursuit of Murphy, has rolled up to the lab and started to snoop around. They come upon a blonde woman with a little girl, and she turns out to be their kind of people: a woman raising a kid she's not related to because her real mom is dead. The problem is the little girl is very sick and she keeps asking the blonde woman to not let her turn into a zombie.

Meanwhile, Murphy has a bit of a new problem: he can feel the pain of the plant zombies, a psychic connection that seems to work both ways. He manages to get a sample of Batch 47 for the good lab doctor and they try it out on some zombies who are just heads in jars like Futurama celebrities. All this while Addy makes contact with Citizen Z, who gives her the new coordinates for the CDC in California. You know who sees the number she writes down? Dr. Kurian!

The team gets roped into helping harvest the rest of the seedpods in order to make more of the herbal zombie vaccine. They trade in their guns for garden tools and head into the Giant Shop of Horrors, where they encounter the terrifying phytozombie leader, all green, shaggy, covered in vines ... and powerfully psychically connected to Murphy.

Murphy flees and runs into Dr. Kurian, who tells him that the only hope the world has left is people like Murphy: half human/half zombies.

And then The Scorpion rolls up! Remember him? He was firing his bazooka all over Cheyenne. It turns out his name is Hector Alvarez and he's in charge of a cartel known as the Zeroes (which explains the 'Z' tattoo on his hand). When the lab doctor protests his order to shut down all Batch 47 experiments, Hector suddenly insists on human trials ... and shoots the resulting "alive zombie" in the face.

When Murphy tries to free all the phytozombies in the Giant Shop of Horrors, they suddenly come after him and the team has to fight for their lives. When they end up killing the phytozombie leader, Murphy is bereft. Finally, Doc finds the little girl and her not-mother in the barn and hands over the Batch 47 leaves, which the little girl chews on before she dies.

One last thing. Remember Serena, the pregnant lady wandering around looking for Murphy? Well, she finds him. And something is definitely up with that thing in her tummy.