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Episode Recap: White Light

The gang must contend with bounty hunters chasing Murphy ... and not everyone survives the experience.


Prepare yourselves for this episode, everyone. There's a lot of running around and a major death. Who will it be? Well, it could be any of our favorites.

And before we find out, let's talk about the man in the suit with the bazooka. See, as the team continues to try to get Murphy out of Cheyenne and to the CDC, a ton of bounty hunters have descended upon the place. And among them: a chubby dude in a black suit who carries a damn bazooka. Who is he? And what does he want? Because while everyone else is trying to capture Murphy for the bounty they've been promised, this guy doesn't seem too worried about actually killing him.

Let's also not forget Vasquez, whom we met in the season premiere. He's really well-equipped to hunt for people, and even though he squared off with Roberta last week, they seem to have an odd respect for one another.

Anyway, the team, generally, is having a rough go of it. Cassandra is still running around in a bathing suit and a fur coat and she seems to have started attacking people much like the zombies do. Mack and Addy, meanwhile, still don't seem to have made up and gotten back together, which … we really just wish they would. But it gets way worse for 10K.

See, that guy with the bazooka shoots at him and he falls and hits his head. And, actually, starts to go toward the light. As in dying. Oh no! Is it going to be 10K who dies? Nope. He comes back from the light but comes back deaf, which is hard on Doc, who treats him like a son. The two run off together to try to find Murphy, who's used his zombie-whispering powers to convince a zombie about his size and build to trade clothes and be a decoy. When Vasquez tracks down the decoy, he's attacked by Cassandra, who seems UNSTOPPABLE.

As Doc continues to try to protect 10K, he runs afoul of a sniper and ends up getting choked almost to death in a hotel room. We almost lose Doc as his spirit floats above his body, but he catches sight of a weapon and uses to kill the guy who was choking him. Phew! Can the team remain this lucky? 

Maybe the major death this episode will be Citizen Z? Up in the North Pole, he's being chased by a bunch of zombie soldiers. But even though he sees an incident from his past flash before his eyes, Citizen Z pulls through.

You know who else is having their life threatened? Roberta. Vasquez saves her from a particularly nasty bounty hunter, but not before she, too, sees a vision from her past, of nearly drowning in a pool.

Then there's Murphy. He's tired of it all and just wants all the running to stop. He jumps off the roof of the hotel ... and lands in the pool, filled with zombies that break his fall. Murphy's fine.

Uh oh, that leaves … yep. Mack and Addy. This poor sad couple. Addy desperately tries to save Mack from a zombie-infested stairwell, but she’s too late. Mack turns into a zombie and Addy gives him mercy. MACK!!

Addy rejoins the team, expresses her anger and sadness by using Murphy as a punching bag for a while, and they all decide to head west as fast as they can. Because they're going to have to beat the storm cloud that's kicking up all kinds of nuclear fallout ...

Oh yeah, that guy with the suit? He has a "Z" tattooed on his hand. What the heck does THAT mean?