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Episode Recap: Zombie Baby Daddy

Murphy's zombie baby starts to divide the team as Warren struggles for survival and 10K makes a life-altering decision.


In Springfield, Illinois, our team of heroes is battling a group of Abe Lincoln zombies (yep) as Murphy and Cassandra do their best to keep the peace with their magical zombie powers. There's a lot at stake as the zombie baby, Lucy, has no mother and has only eaten sugar water, and nobody really knows what to do with her. Is she here to save mankind? Is she here to destroy it? It's sort of hard to tell but it's causing tension in the ranks.

As 10K continues to worry about Cassandra, he's also starting to worry about what Vasquez is up to. And … what is Vasquez up to, besides sneaking off by himself with a walkie-talkie? Roberta decides to find out and leaves the team to check in on Vasquez.

Addy, Doc and 10K offer to take care of Lucy for a while to give Murphy a break but the Zombie Baby Daddy tells them he doesn't trust them. He goes off into the woods with his daughter and leaves Cassandra to look after the team, ordering her to make sure nobody leaves.

Roberta catches up with Vasquez only to find he's in trouble with the Zeroes cartel. A gunfight turns a lot of the cartel members into zombies and wounds both Vasquez and Roberta. Looking for a place to patch up their wounds, they head to a local hospital, where we learn Vasquez's backstory: he was a DEA agent, forced to work for the Zeroes after they kidnapped his wife and child and said they'd kill them slowly if he didn't. What happened instead was that a rival cartel member said he'd kill them quickly but Vasquez would be owned; in order to give his wife and daughter mercy, Vasquez was forced into working for them. Sheesh!

Oh, and just as Vasquez reveals this, his pulse stops. Roberta prepares to give him mercy but he wakes up in the nick of time. Whew!

Meanwhile, the team decides to confuse Cassandra by running in three different directions, the hope being that she'll chase one of them as the other two go look for Murphy and Lucy. It doesn't quite work out: Cassandra makes a tactical decision to go after Addy, which leaves 10K and Doc with the conundrum of having to save her. Zombie Cassandra turns out to be a pretty sharp cookie!

So, new plan: try to reason with Cassandra. However, when 10K attempts a heart-to-heart, it goes pretty poorly. Doc and Addy manage to escape, leaving this former budding power couple to duke it out.

Murphy stumbles across a house in the woods where he asks a heavily armed couple to take Lucy and raise her as their own. Everyone's sort of on board with this plan until the would-be foster parents get a good look at the little monster, which prompts them to tell the Zombie Baby Daddy to take his kid and get lost.

Meanwhile, 10K is forced to kill Cassandra in order to save his own life. Things get tense when Murphy tells 10K he had no right to give mercy to Cassandra ... and Roberta asks where the baby is. Turns out Murphy bit that nice couple right in the face and left Lucy behind to be raised by whatever kind of Cassandra-like almost-zombies they'll turn into shortly.