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Z Nation: Bring On the Brat Pack!

What if other members of The Brat Pack joined Anthony Michael Hall and made guest-star appearances on Z Nation?

By Bryan Enk

So, Anthony Michael Hall is guest-starring on tonight's episode of Z Nation as a world-renowned expert in 'corporate communication' who uses terms like "mutually beneficial agreement," "circle of trust" and "peaceful conflict resolution."

Suffice to say, he's awesome in the role ... and a long way from Brian Johnson in The Breakfast Club (1985), to be sure.

Which has us thinking: What if other members of The Brat Pack made guest-star appearances on Z Nation? What kinds of characters would they play?

Let's indulge in a little '80s nostalgia ... and Z Nation fan fiction, shall we?

  1. Molly Ringwald (pictured here in Pretty in Pink, 1986)


    If you look closely, you'll notice that Anthony's character on Z Nation, Gideon Gould, wears a wedding ring, even though we never get to meet his spouse in the episode. So who better to step into that role in a future episode than Anthony's co-star in both The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles (1984)? Molly's character will have, of course, taught Gideon everything he knows, which means we'll get to hear her say things like "popcorn circle process" (it's a thing) and "facilitate a dialogue."
  2. Rob Lowe (pictured here in The Outsiders, 1983)


    Just look at that picture again. So cute, right? Anyway, we're hoping that Rob reprises his Parks and Recreation role, Chris Traeger, on Z Nation. The zombie apocalypse could use some of that sunny disposition and obsession with good health!
  3. Demi Moore (pictured here in The Seventh Sign, 1988)


    Demi's already well-acquainted with the apocalypse, having carried a child with no soul (or something) in The Seventh Sign. If ever Murphy needed a new ladyfriend -- and a new baby mama -- Demi's probably up for the gig.
  4. Judd Nelson (pictured here in The Breakfast Club, 1985)


    Judd would play himself. Or reprise his role as John Bender. Either one. It's astonishingly easy to picture, isn't it?
  5. Ally Sheedy (pictured here in Short Circuit, 1986)


    Anthony's The Breakfast Club co-star would, of course, play some sort of robotics genius ... or at least someone who has a knack for befriending robots. Either that or Citizen Z's older girlfriend, just to get all WarGames-ish.
  6. Andrew McCarthy (pictured here in Less Than Zero, 1987)


    Andrew would play some creep who practices taxidermy on zombies and falls in love with a stuffed lady Z. Because, you know, Mannequin (1987). And Weekend at Bernie's (1989), kinda, too. (Gross.)
  7. Emilio Estevez (pictured here in St. Elmo's Fire, 1985)


    Anthony's The Breakfast Club co-star played a stalker in St. Elmo's Fire so convincingly (with the object of his obsession being Andie MacDowell) that he might as well play one on Z Nation, too. Maybe a hacker who snags all of Citizen Z's NSA files and develops a thing for Roberta? Shudder.
  8. Mare Winningham (pictured here in Miracle Mile, 1988)


    Wow. Miracle Mile. Right? This lady knows how to handle the end of the world. She'd play some sort of hardcore survivalist who hooks up with Doc. He needs a groovy ladyfriend, after all.
  9. James Spader (pictured here in Mannequin, 1987)


    Okay, true, James Spader isn't really an official member (whatever that is) of The Brat Pack. But we don't care -- we just want to see him on Z Nation. We want to see him on pretty much every TV show, actually. In any role. Really.
  10. Bonus: Anthony Michael Hall in Out of Bounds, 1986


    This is hot.