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Episode Recap: Election Day

While searching for Murphy's daughter, Addy and Doc encounter some blasts from the past.


Addy and Doc only make it as far as the South Dakota badlands before the Murphy Mobile breaks down, though they're able to hitch a ride to the next town with what looks like a Presidential motorcade coming down the road. Who's in the limo? None other than Sketchy and Skeezy, those lovable con artists, still alive thanks to their silly shenanigans and plain dumb luck.

So what are these clowns up to now? Their latest con is a bit topical n' timely, as Sketchy has reinvented himself as Thurston Howell IV (any Gilligan's Island fans in the house?), none other than the President of the United States, with Skeezy as Wendall Lincoln Jefferson, his spiritual advisor. They've been going from town to town, pitching their platform of building a giant wall that will keep zombies out of populated areas (heh); from there, they take donations to make this vision a reality, pretty much bleeding communities dry.

Addy and Doc accompany them to Wall Drug, a large supply store that's now home for a small group of survivors. There, Sketchy is challenged by John J. Lannister, a former con artist colleague turned rival. Lannister demands a vote from the people before any President is elected, and you know what that means: a debate! Addy serves as moderator as Lannister presents his counter-vision: a series of deep holes across the United States into which the zombies will fall. Democracy!

Meanwhile, Doc has been staying out of politics by looking for the cause of a strange sickness that's been affecting the people of Wall Drug. He finds that the water supply has been poisoned by a severed zombie head in the well, taking the term Don't Drink the Water to a whole new level. Doc comes up with a simple yet effective remedy: charcoal, which, when ingested, absorbs the poison and keeps it from entering the blood stream. Yay! Doc for President!

Everything comes to a head with the arrival of both a horde of Z's and some vengeance-seeking victims of the latest Sketchy & Skeezy con. There's a big ol' shoot-out, and Doc and Addy manage to burn rubber out of town in the limo as Sketchy, Skeezy and Lannister flail about in the mud, locked forever in opposing viewpoints. Politics were never dirtier than on Z Nation.