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Episode Recap: The Siege of Murphytown

It's Warren's human team vs. Murphy's zombie army with the fate of humanity at stake.


Murphytown is under siege! Roberta and Sun Mei have joined forces with the Red Hand and are preparing to make some history at the Museum of Progress. Little do they know they're getting an assist from Kaya at the Northern Light, who's got full surveillance of Spokane, with Citizen Z and Uncle Kaskae in a small biplane headed straight for Washington.

Roberta manages to capture poor 10K, who seems to be following Murphy without question. She roughs him up a bit and finds his orders from Murphy written on a yellow piece of paper: Find Warren and Bring Her to Me. If She Won't Come, Kill Her. Roberta injects 10K with the original vaccine to see if that gets rid of his Blend status.
Just then, who graces them with his presence but Murphy himself, looking like quite the dictator with his black coat, black gloves, newly peroxided hair and the last of his blue skin making a striking scar-like shape around his left eye. He and Roberta exchange their usual opposing world views before he takes 10K back to his lair, seemingly confident that this ragtag group won't be able to penetrate his fortress … though he's visibly shaken when the power is shut off by the Red Hand and a banner is raised, encouraging Murphy's followers to BE AFRAID.

10K is sent with some poor Blend shmoe named Auerbach to the Washington Water Power Company to get the electricity back on. After Auerbach is shot by some Red Hand hoods when he tries to reason with them, 10K is attacked by zombies (it looks like the vaccine Roberta gave him is starting to work!). Luckily, he's rescued … by none other than RED and 5K!!

Wait … are they real or a hallucination? Eh, who cares … either way, it's great to see them! They don't get very far, though, before 10K is summoned back to the Museum by Murphy.

Elsewhere, Roberta and Sun Mei manage to infiltrate the Museum of Progress as the siege of Murphytown is in full swing, with Murphy watching the carnage from the safety of his throne room and occasionally working his mind-controlling powers to give his soldiers a little confidence boost. Sun Mei heads for the lab whilst Roberta goes in search of Murphy, though she's soon discovered by Hope (Will's wife). Hope fires her weapon at the intruder but misses, allowing Roberta to slice her through the chest with her machete. “Murphy loved you!” Hope exclaims rather poignantly as she collapses to the floor.

Meanwhile, Sun Mei is setting up shop in the lab when she's discovered by 10K, who admits he's feeling a bit confused. Red and 5K appear and encourage him to help Sun Mei, though he believes they're still just hallucinations. Red proves she's real by giving 10K a passionate kiss (yes!), which seems to do the trick in getting rid of whatever Blend gunk was still in his system. He assists Sun Mei with her preparations, though they're soon discovered and held at gunpoint by Wesson and his goons.

Finally, it all comes to what we've been waiting for: Roberta vs. Murphy! Roberta appeals to Murphy's Z impulses by offering him the brains she cut out of Hope's skull, further illustrating her argument that this sociopath has lost his humanity. They engage in fisticuffs, with Roberta trying to evade Murphy's teeth as he tries to give her a Blend bite. Roberta eventually pulls a gun on him, though she's forced to stand down once little Cassidy comes in and embraces Murphy.

The hullabaloo is interrupted by the sound of an approaching biplane: Citizen Z! Uncle Kaskae manages a so-so landing in a nearby field, where his passenger finally gets to meet Roberta, 10K and Murphy in person. Citizen Z delivers Doc's message that Lucy has been kidnapped by The Man, which prompts Murphy and Roberta to call a truce and plan a rescue mission.

Citizen Z would join them, but he's suddenly inspired to return to Northern Light as soon as possible when he receives some exciting news: Kaya is pregnant with their child!

The episode ends with Addy in hot pursuit of The Man, noting the little directional clues left by Lucy in their wake. Onward!