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Episode Recap: Welcome to Murphytown

While The Man takes on Murphy, the gang embarks on a new mission.


The Man is back! Some Dude takes a shot at him and The Man beheads him with his sweet machete. Some Dude has a bulldog tattoo on his arm — take note!

Meanwhile, a Poor Bastard is being chased through the woods by a group of zombie kids, tethered together and led by Wesson, one of Murphy's officers. Poor Bastard climbs up a tree, and Wesson asks him if he's heard the Good Word of Murphy. When next we see Poor Bastard, he's grinning from ear to ear, now one of Murphy's Blends at his stronghold in Spokane.

Wesson's in charge of choosing which people receive the Blend vaccine based on what skills they may have. If Murphy's going to create a New World Order, he's going to need people with all types of vocations: farmers, electricians, bankers, etc. Those with applicable skills get the vaccine, which Murphy has been able to develop himself after eating Dr. Merch's brains.

Murphy notices The Man just outside the fence … and if you remember from Episode 2 of this season, Murphy's is the only name on The Man's current list. Whatever The Man has planned, it looks like it's going to be an inside job, as he appears to receive the Blend vaccine.  

Meanwhile, Doc and 10K have reunited with Roberta, Addy, Sun Mei and Hector. Roberta's a little suspicious about 10K's condition, though he's not revealing his Blend status, despite Doc's assurances that he can trust their fearless leader. For now, 10K fills everyone in on Murphy's big plans in Spokane, the road to which is filled with more gruesome handiwork of the Red Hand.

Murphy's campaign is hitting the road, too, as the gang catches sight of a truck broadcasting his 'Fear No More - Guaranteed' message. When they catch up to the vehicle, it's been attacked by the Red Hand, with the Blend driver dead at the wheel (showing that Blends don't come back as Z's after they die). 10K then reveals Murphy's plan to retrieve his daughter Lucy from her adopted home in Springfield, IL; as Sun Mei theorizes that Lucy may have inherited her father's immunity to the Z virus, Roberta conjures a secondary mission: Get Lucy before Murphy does!

The team splits up, with Doc and Addy charged with tracking down Lucy while Roberta, Sun Mei, Hector and 10K head to Spokane to try to stop Murphy's New World Order. When the Spokane team arrives outside the city limits, 10K flees after Hector discovers his Murphy bite.

Meanwhile, at the Museum of Progress, Murphy is meeting with his colleagues to discuss plans for getting the power back on. As Murphy anticipates that not everyone is going to go along with his plans for civilization, he orders for a basic training program so his stronghold can be defended.

The Man insists he wants to help Murphy's cause and demonstrates his particular set of skills by exposing the inside of Poor Bastard's skull when Murphy claims he needs some brains for his 'research.' Murphy then tests The Man's loyalty by commanding him to eat the brains on display … which The Man does ravenously.

Huh … is The Man actually under Murphy's control?

Nah. A flashback reveals that The Man used Some Dude's severed arm to simulate the Blend inoculation, and when he brings Murphy his own delicious plate of brains, he puts a gun to Murphy's head. The Man has been sent to deliver Murphy to an unknown client, and when Murphy protests, The Man shows him something that might make him more cooperative: his daughter Lucy in the back seat of the car!

Ha, it's actually little Cassidy, whom The Man mistakenly took for Lucy … and who manages to overpower her captor. The Man is now handcuffed to Murphy's throne, though his interrogation as to the identity of his employer is interrupted by some exiting news: the power is ready to be turned back on!

Murphy and his colleagues go to the top of the clock tower and watch as sweet, sweet electricity lights up the city of Spokane. It's a truly glorious sight. Murphy 1, Apocalypse zero!

Well, sort of, as Murphy takes something of a hit when he returns to his throne room and finds that The Man has escaped … and left a little message for his former captor: his own severed hand (the one that was handcuffed to the throne), the middle finger raised.

Oh, we almost forgot: Citizen Z! He's successfully led Kaya, her Uncle and her Nana to the Northern Light Listening Station, where they manage to restore power and send out a broadcast of hope … which Doc and Addy receive on the radio whilst en route to Springfield, IL. Hooray!