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Everything You Need to Know About Z Nation Season 3

Operation Bitemark is back on the road.

By Bryan Enk

Operation Bitemark is back on the road! Time to once again traverse the brave new world of rampaging Z's and unpredictable humans. Sometimes it's hard to tell which is the more dangerous!

As it's been a while since Z Nation Season 2, here's everything you need to know going into Z Nation Season 3.

  1. Vasquez Has Gone Rambo


    Right? When last we saw Vasquez, he ran into the woods, looking like he was ready to live the rest of his life off the land and being crazy. We hope he's just taking a sabbatical from Operation Bitemark, 'cause we love that guy.
  2. Murphy's On the Water


    When last we saw Murphy, he was escaping from the 'sploding CDC submarine via motorboat with both the Captain and Dr. Merch in tow, now under his control thanks to being bitten on the face. Murphy's through with being a lab rat, and he's definitely not going to provide any cure to the rich jerks in Zona. So what's his plan? Probably something irritating.
  3. Where the Heck is 10K?


    Okay, that's something we don't know about Z Nation Season 3. When last we saw our favorite sharpshooter, he was suffering from a gunshot wound in the belly (which hurts like crazy, as we learned from Reservoir Dogs) and nowhere to be seen as Murphy sped away on his motorboat. Did he die in the submarine 'splosion? Is he still in the water? 10K!! Dammit.
  4. Escorpion's a Good Guy Now


    Or something. Really, this guy provided all sorts of major antagonism in Season 2, and now the gang's just going to accept him as one of their own? Sure, he's got a sweet ride (see above) and plenty of Z weed, but still ... keep an eye on this one. One doesn't escape from the grip of La Reina so easily.
  5. These Guys Have Guns


    Great. Now who are these jokers? Leave our heroes alone! Dear lord, the stress of the apocalypse.

Here's a video with all the Season 2 action condensed for your viewing pleasure:

Z Nation: Season 2 Recap

Z Nation Season 3 commences on September 16 at 8/7c.