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What Syfy Characters Would Make Good Enders?

They're filthy, wild, crazy and mean. Who should join their ranks?

By Bryan Enk

So ... how about those Enders?

Z Nation Season 3, Episode 2: "A New Mission" introduced us not only to a new ally for Operation Bitemark (Sun Mei) but also a formidable new threat. Hector calls them 'Enders,' and they look like they're from beyond Thunderdome: filthy, wild, near-feral humans that have lost their minds because, well, the apocalypse.

They run about in their tattered apocalyptic duds, swinging and shooting weapons of all kinds, spewing their animalistic battle cries as they descend upon the hapless sane.


If you can get close enough, you might notice that they look a little like McCarthy from Hunters.


They're not to be confused with the feral vampires in Van Helsing, of course.


Some of them used to be roller derby gals. It drives you bonkers, that sport.


Dutch could've passed for an Ender in the very first episode of Killjoys. She'd definitely qualify as the best-looking.


What other Syfy characters would make good Enders? Irisa from Defiance would bring a certain millennial fashion sense (and a butterfly) to it all.


Rahm Tak and his goons would provide a certain future chic. Datak Tarr gets double points for cutting off his own arm. Very Ender!


Jennifer Goines and her mad Hyenas from 12 Monkeys would definitely bring the crazy and the aggression.


That goes double for the Hyenas of the future.


How about the jackass Danker Brothers from Dark Matter? Redneck Enders!


This poor doomed Ceres Station family from The Expanse fits the bill, too.


So does Miller, after he got radiation poisoning. And after he's had too much to drink, too.


Anyway, Enders. Beware their bones, rocks and blades! Z Nation.