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Z Nation: A to Z

Do you know your Z Nation alphabet?

By Bryan Enk

The third season of Z Nation commences this Friday at 8/7c. Do you know your Z Nation alphabet?

Here's the world of the zombie apocalpyse, from A to Z.

  1. A is for Addy


    Ex-Sister of Mercy and Z-whacker-wielding zombie killer.
  2. B is for Bernadette


    She lives in Roswell (or RoZwell, depending on how cute you want to get) and believes in aliens. The truth is out there.
  3. C is for Citizen Z


    PFC Simon Cruller is the lone survivor of the Northern Lights listening post. He's something of a guardian angel to the survivors, when he's not being attacked by Z's himself. When last we saw him, he and his dog were wandering the icy hinterlands, probably freezing to death.
  4. D is for Doc


    He's not really a doctor. But in the zombie apocalypse, you take what you can get. And you know what? You'd be glad to get Doc.
  5. E is for Escorpion


    Not to be trifled with. Though he seems to be one of the good guys now. Who knows.
  6. F is for Forman


    Remember this guy? The owner of the 'Forman-mobile,' a tricked-out anti-zombie mega-transport that's unfortunately never seen. Forman's no longer with us.
  7. G is for Gideon Gould


    He's a world-renowned expert in corporate conflict resolution. Although we don't recommend opening a dialogue with him.
  8. H is for Helen


    The leader of the Sisters of Mercy, a heavily armed commune that doesn't allow men folk. The Sisters all eventually burned to death or got eaten by the zombie bear they kept in the barn. (Yep.)
  9. I is for Immune


    That's what Murphy is to the zombie virus. It has its pros and cons.
  10. J is for Jacob


    This dum-dum once led the Resurrection Cult, a bunch of crazies that considered the zombie apocalypse to be the second coming of God. He's no longer with us.
  11. K is for 10K

    Missing media item.

    He calls himself that because that's how many zombies he plans on killing. We're rooting for him to reach his goal.
  12. L is for Lucy


    That's Murphy's zombaby. Well, zomtoddler, last we saw her. She's alive (-ish) and well.
  13. M is for Murphy


    This is the face of the savior of humankind.
  14. N is for Northern Lights


    That's the NSA listening station where Citizen Z was posted. It's located in the Arctic. How'd he get such a sweet gig?
  15. O is for Operation Bitemark


    That's what Citizen Z calls the group of survivors escorting Murphy to California. They change vehicles as often as most pre-apocalypse people changed their underwear. 
  16. P is for Pisay Pao


    That's the name of the actress who played Cassandra, who was mercied by 10K after being in an increasingly volatile half-human/half-zombie state. We miss Cassandra.
  17. Q is for Quarantine


    That's what this poor bastard who was exposed to the Z virus is in. It doesn't end well.
  18. R is for Roberta


    She's the boss lady of Operation Bitemark ... and an artist with a machete.
  19. S is for Sketchy


    A former colleague of Doc's, Sketchy McClane was the overlord of Fu-Bar, an outpost where one can drink, drink some more, and participate in a zombie-shooting contest. We love this guy.
  20. T is for Thompson

    Missing media item.

    That was Mack's last name. Betcha didn't know that, eh? Anyway, he's dead now.
  21. U is for Undead


    That's what the Z's are. It's a problem.
  22. V is for Vasquez


    One of the shining stars of Season 2. We hope to see him again.
  23. W is for Wilbur


    Before he died, Wilbur Grady valiantly attempted to shut down an unstable nuclear reactor at a South Dakota power plant. His former colleague, Homer Stubbins, saw it through.
  24. X is for X-rated


    Murphy opened a zombie stripper club in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Of course he did. And it's probably still there.
  25. Y is for Yuri


    That's Citizen Z's imaginary friend, a Russian cosmonaut conjured by oxygen deprivation. He likes drinking and playing video games. He's also imaginary. Did we mention that?
  26. Z is for Zunami


    This is something that happens.