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Episode Recap: Escape From Zona

Warren and Murphy attempt to escape an island of psycho billionaires, while a group of new enemies emerge.


Roberta tried to escape Zona in the last episode but instead ended up with Murphy and now they’ve both been rescued by Dr. Teller, who isn’t totally down to tell them what’s happening, he just wants to get them out of Zona. He tries to lead them to a helicopter, and they finally stop him to find out what’s going on. And it’s not good news. The vaccine is failing and something very bad is happening to the citizens of Zona. It's not gonna go great if that place becomes overrun with zombies but it looks like it's happening.

Meanwhile, in the woods of America: Addie and Lucy have been taken captive by the Zona squad and are hunkered down with them in a cabin. Up the road about 10 miles, Doc, 10K, Red, and Sun Mei learn from Henry Rollins that the convoy that was supposed to arrive to take them to Newmerica is delayed. And sort of missing; they’ve lost contact. The people are freaked out by it, but 10K and Doc decide to go along with the military dudes to find the convoy. As the team and the military dudes ride out to find the convoy, they come under fire by the guys who kidnapped Addie and Lucy. It turns out, there's no convoy at all. The vehicles have been abandoned. It’s like the people just disappeared.

If Murphy needed proof that things were taking a turn, it comes in the form of an insane golfer friend of Murphy's, who's beaten his partner to death. Things are swiftly deteriorating in Zona.

Dr. Teller pulls Murphy and Roberta aside and tells them the horrible truth. That not only is the vaccine failing, but what happens is swift: anyone who got the virus goes crazy instantly and becomes homicidal. While Murphy and Roberta were never vaccinated, Dr. Teller definitely was.

Back at the firefight with team Henry Rollins, the Zona dudes force Addie and Lucy fire back at 10K. Under threat of death. So now Addie and 10k are shooting at each other. Which is bad because they're both excellent shots.  Amazingly though, their bullets HIT EACHOTHER IN MID-AIR! When an army guy is hit, 10k and Doc decide to give their fallen comrade mercy and kill him (bullet through the head), but something strange happens. Even though the bullet goes through, he gets up! He's a Z! How is that possible?

Dr. Teller sneaks Murphy and Roberta into the Founder's house to get them on the helicopter leaving the island. The Founder, clearly losing it, lectures them that they don't know the whole picture, and then Murphy and Roberta are able to sweet talk him into the helicopter ride. Once again, he mentions "The Reset." What is that? And what IS the whole picture? Just as he starts to get super violent and crazy, Dr. Teller tells Roberta to pay attention to her visions but she also tells Murphy that his daughter is alive. Then he attacks Roberta and they’re forced to kill him. Goodbye, Doctor Teller.

In the firefight trying to subdue the Z, Addie takes a bullet across the cheek. It's enough of a distraction that it allows Lucy to escape. Addie says she'll find her, but then…Lucy is taken! By the guys in black uniforms!  Down the road a bit, Sun Mei wakes from a nap to find that the camp is empty. It seems to have cleared out entirely. Where'd they all go?! What did they see?

As Doc and 10K get back to the refugee camp, they realize it's just like the convoy - all the supplies are there, but it's deserted. Where'd they all go?!

Finally, In Zona, Murphy and Roberta make their way to the chopper just in time to lift off from the ground while a determined Addie begins a new chapter.