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Episode Recap: Frenemies

Sketchy and Skeezy return…and they’re bringing a murderous barber shop with them.


Operation Bitemark has found their way to Chicago, and find it to be in bad shape. See, for many years, all the chemicals that have been used to try and stop the zombie apocalypse have basically corrupted the natural order of everything. And now, Lake Michigan has been covered the place in a thick green foam. When Doc and Murphy make their way into a barbershop to rest, they bump into a blast from the past: Z Nation’s favorite con-men Sketchy and Skeezy have made it to Chicago.

As the owner of the barbershop offers them all haircuts, Doc starts to get wind that something is up. Sketchy and Skeezy seem to be trying to warn Murphy and Doc about…something. And it turns out, the barber in this joint sure does seem to want to kill them. And it’s also true that there's a sniper upstairs! And zombies in the basement! So the whole thing is definitely a set up. But to what end?!

Eventually, Doc figures out that the barber is actually a con man he knew back in the day. A guy who robbed Doc and even stole his underwear. This whole thing is a set up to rob people passing through. Ultimately, 10K and Sarge show up to help, and even though our team has gotten out of way worse scrapes than this, not even they seem to be able to help anyone. After some misadventures including an overly tan zombie, the team realizes that Sketchy and Skeezy seem to be trying to swindle THEM out of something. And while they try to figure out what to do about it...

A new pair of robbers show up! Also from a past season. The guys that Skeezy and Sketchy swindled by biting! Remember them? There's a quick dudes-kissing-other-dudes joke, and Skeezy is sent back out into the world. Ultimately, the gang tricks all of the bad guys into opening the trap door full of Z's in the basement downstairs. This leads to the downfall of both the new bad guys, and the old bad guys.  

Meanwhile, this whole time, Roberta Warren has been fighting her way through the green foam and following someone who seems to be either escaping or beckoning her. When she finally catches up to him, she unmasks him to realize it’s the long-since-dead Dr. Teller! Who turns out to be alive! He takes off his mask, hands Roberta some canisters and tells her that everything depends on her. Reunited, Operation Bitemark heads out of Chicago, on the way to their next adventure.