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Episode Recap: Return to Mercy Labs

While the heroes return to a familiar and dangerous place, the truth about Black Rainbow is revealed.


The team has made a habit of following Roberta Warren for a long time now. And while it’s gotten them into all kinds of adventures, even she isn’t sure where she’s heading now. As they head out of Chicago, and end up walking across Illinois, the good people of Operation Bitemark finally make it to a place they’ve been before: a factory outside of Springfield, Illinois. The same place where an epic battle went down with Doctor Teller, his zombie wife and their son, Andrew. (Remember that? The team does, and they all experience pretty serious flashbacks to that day.)

It's hardest for 10K most of all, because this is where he met Red, and where he taught 5K to use a slingshot. Doc tries to make him feel better, but 10K continues on as his stoic self into the factory, following Roberta. When they ask her what’s inside she says, cryptically that she hopes she finds out. Either way, she’s following her hunch deep into the factory. She knows that whatever is here, it's going to tell her whatever this Black Rainbow plan is – and hopefully how to stop it. Roberta is desperate for answers, and her dreams are still leading her and the team down some long roads.

This lab has bad memories. It was where Murphy learned that zombies can feel things and ask questions. That they have inner voices. Dr. Teller's zombie wife, in particular, was asking about their son. And it turns out that now that they’re here, they’ve discovered that Dr. Teller sealed their son (Andrew) in a glass box on life support. Murphy says he understands: he'd give anything to keep Lucy frozen in time.

Meanwhile, Roberta and 10K go off in search of whatever Roberta’s dreams are telling her. As long as she follows the dream, she can find her way, and seek out the canisters she needs. Finally, when the dream starts to fail her, she asks 10K to punch her, because that’s what triggers the dreams most. It’s hard to do, but ultimately it helps, and she ends up with more of those weird gas canisters. What could Roberta need with them? She needs answers!

Meanwhile, up at the Northern Lights station, Kaya and Citizen Z thwart that rough zombie they JUST. CAN’T. KILL. And are looking for any information they can find on Black Rainbow. Once they go through all the actual files in the place, they learn that Black Rainbow is actually a "fourth strike weapon." Sarge is able to get the radio enough power to get the message from Citizen Z and Kaya, but it keeps cutting out. Roberta finally makes one of her most difficult choices - divert the power from Andrew's life support to the radio so they can speak with Kaya and Citizen Z. When Sarge can't do it, Roberta offers to do the deed, and gives him mercy.

Citizen Z and Roberta and both teams put it all together. What they're up against is a fourth strike weapon. That means: after the apocalypse, there's another wave coming to wipe out everything else. Black Rainbow is the "reset" that Zona was working on. In order to shut down the Black Rainbow plan, the team needs to go to the launch site and shut it down with the thumbprint of the President. And so, they head out in the van, on their way to Washington DC. Will they make it in time?