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Episode Recap: The Black Rainbow

The secret of Warren's Black Rainbow dream is unlocked when they reach their final destination.


Operation Bitemark has made their way to Washington, DC: the final stop on this particular trail, and Roberta Warren needs to find a way into the secret bunker that holds what she's been looking for: the Fourth Strike weapon called "Black Rainbow." Using a method in direct homage to Raiders of the Lost Ark, the team makes their way into the bunker, leading the dead President. They have a singular goal- to find the control room for the fourth strike weapon (Black Rainbow) that will destroy all life on Earth – and destroy it, using his zombie thumbprints.

What they find, of course, is a place full of zombies who were always just trained to kill kill kill. (Really. There's even a sign that says that.) Also in this bunker is that spooky old man from Zona, who's been all over the world, even dropping in on Citizen Z. He's been trying to make Black Rainbow happen all along and it looks like he's closer than ever. It's a race against time!

And then…twist! A flashback reveals where Roberta's visions have beencoming from all season. It turns out that while she was in that coma, Dr. Teller woke her up and gave her all kinds of training to defeat the zombie-apocalypse. He's come up with a cure and all the visions she's had throughout have been the result of her training. The canisters, how to put them where they need to go, was implanted in her brain by Doctor Teller. The canisters are the cure for the virus! To be spread worldwide!

In flashback, Doctor Teller shows Warren the canisters. She's been collecting them and imagining them all along, and now the time has come to load them into the drone and send them on their way to cure everyone. Knowing what she has to do, Warren instructs Murphy and Doc to launch the code when she sends the signal, and then says goodbye to the team. She always knew this would be a one-way trip. The team does as their told and the countdown begins, but something's not right. Murphy isn't ready to let Warren leave, they've all seen too much together.

And that's when Roberta remembers the truth. That while Dr. Teller told her that she was the answer to everyone's prayers, all that training had been so that she could deliver the reset, the Black Rainbow, and set every living thing in the world on fire. As Murphy battles the dude from Zona, the team watch as Warren climbs into the drone to try and unhook the canister, but she's too late…

The drone flies off into the sky and then tiny little drones fly out of THAT larger drone – and black rainbow comes to pass. And as Doc and Murphy decide to watch the world burn, Sarge and 10K decide to have sex on the floor. But Warren is lost to the desert in the drone. Is this the end of Operation Bitemark for good?