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Episode Recap: The Vanishing

With some of their own missing, the survivors must choose: rescue, or freedom in the mysterious Newmerica.


Murphy and Roberta have landed. On their way to find the rest of their team and Lucy, they make it happen in short order and find their way into the refugee camp near Flagstaff, Arizona. While awaiting the trip to Newmerica, everyone's still pretty freaked out that the rest of the refugees seem to have disappeared into thin air. When Lucy, Roberta, and Murphy show up, there’s another Z Nation reunion with Doc. They want to get a move on to the next stop, but 10K is still out in the woods looking for Red.

Something is definitely up with Roberta. She keeps facing east and having that nightmare about being set on fire. Also? Lt. Mueller (Henry Rollins) is unhappy about sticking around and wants to get them to Newmerica as soon as possible. Out in the woods, 10K uses a piece of glass to listen to his surroundings. He thinks he hears Red in the woods, but mostly it's just snakes and bees and things. A zombie attacks him, and he escapes, but something is definitely up with these woods.

Back at camp, everyone realizes that something / or someone is watching them, and it might be invisible? Is this what took all the people from the camp? Henry Rollins and Sgt. Lily decide to leave the camp, but our team stays behind to wait for 10K.  Some information is spread around pretty quickly: Lucy tells the gang what happened to Addy, that she was shot in the face and Lucy insists that Addy will find her. And Doc realizes that the firefight they were in earlier was between Addy and 10k. The world is topsy turvy.  That’s when the gang finds a refugee named Burgess, hiding in a locker. They're able to get him to blink answers and learn that something came into the camp, it was invisible, and it was dangerous. He is TRAUMATIZED!

Out in the woods, Henry Rollins loses track of Sgt. Lily and is attacked by that unkillable zombie soldier that they've been trying to kill for a while now. When 10K comes back to the camp, the team is distracted and the gang realizes that Burgess has gone! Worse, zombie Henry Rollins turns up and he is completely unkillable. How has this happened to these zombies? Ultimately, it’s Sgt. Lily who turns up and shoots enough bullets to take him down. When they bury him, we realize that Lt. Henry Rollins Mueller was actually Sgt. Lily's father.

As everyone sets off for Newmerica, Roberta just keeps walking east. The rest of the team has no place else to go, and even Sgt. Lily sees what a leader she is. Picking up her new Route 66 shield, Roberta leads the team east.