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Episode Recap: Warren's Dream

New mission. New zombies. New mystery. Same insanity. Welcome back to Z-Nation.


It's two years later. The last we saw our gang, Addy and Lucy had fallen off a cliff, followed by 5k. Doc, Sun Mei, 10k and Red were all pinned down, Murphy’d been shot – and the bullet passed right through him and into Roberta. And now, Roberta has woken up from a coma to find herself lying in an all-white room, wearing an all-white outfit, and with blonde hair. Murphy, cured of his zombie-ism and no longer blue, arrives and tells Roberta that she’s in Zona. She was in the coma for two years, and the rest of the team is dead.

Zona turns out to be a pretty spooky Stepford paradise full of people wearing white. Murphy is a bit of a hero for bringing them his blood because it turns out the vaccine worked and everyone in Zona is free of the zombie virus. The real world, though, has fallen to pieces entirely.

But did you really think our team was dead? No way. Doc and 10K reunite in the woods, and head back to Red and 10K’s tree-tent. Doc wants Red and 10K to come with him to NewMerica. It's a place in Canada where it's too cold for zombies. Meanwhile, it turns out Addy (who now wears an eye patch) is still a vigilante zombie hunter but is now working alongside Lucy, who's all grown up and blue.

Back in Zona, Murphy takes Roberta to a dinner at the home of the Founder. He's the one who saw the whole zombie apocalypse coming, and got the richest people in the world to come stay on Zona. Also he tested the vaccine on himself and looks a little crazy.  It turns out that the Founder and all of these fancy people are looking forward to an event called "The Reset." It's not entirely clear what "The Reset" is, but it's soon and it's meant to keep the rich people alive and wipe out the unvaccinated humans and the zombies.  When the founder reveals a chocolate volcano zombie cake and Roberta is asked to cut it, things go awry. She has a bit of a flashback to that hellscape she saw in the coma, and DESTROYS that cake. She's really having a hard time in Zona.  Roberta ditches Murphy and runs off. She dodges the Zona security, is fakey nice to people to avert them and escapes to a facility where she tries to leave Zona. But it turns out, she's trapped after all – Zona is surrounded by water. 

Addy and Lucy are evading both Zona soldiers and zombies – because it turns out the zombies are all still after Lucy's blood. These two seem to have a lot of fun together and are very close. Also, Henry Rollins, as Lt. Mueller, is here as a soldier who believes human contact is very important and hugs people. He's in a refugee camp run by Sun Mei, keeping people around before they start the trek to NewMerica. Nobody is totally sure if NewMerica is real, but they feel like they all need to believe in something. Doc and 10K discuss the death of 5k. He fell to his death and even though both Red and 10K think they might have seen him standing, they’re trying to move on. 

Addy and Lucy, meanwhile, are taken hostage by some dudes who kidnap them, tie them up, and toss them in the back of the truck. But where are they going?

In Zona, Murphy catches up with a passed out Roberta and they both realize something's gone wrong. And Dr. Teller stops their ambulance. He has news for them but says there's no time to explain. Meanwhile a creepy scientist with glasses (and who hangs out with The Founder) seems to have developed some kind of gas that is capable of setting zombies on fire. Is this The Reset!?