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Episode Recap: We Interrupt This Program

A visit to a derelict news station offers a whole new view into the zombie apocalypse’s start.


Operation Bitemark finds its way into Milwaukee, Wisconsin, looking for a transmitter that might help them get in touch with Kaya at The Northern Lights Station. They find a good place where that might happen: The Channel 9 Action News station. Some flashbacks tell us what happened to the news station as the zombie apocalypse started. The story focuses on Carly McFadden, who gets her big break as a news anchor alongside a jerky news anchor guy, who constantly undermines her efforts. In the present, the team finds some gasoline that can fire up a generator in the station, which hasn't been opened since the apocalypse started. The Action 9 News Team is all still here, running around the station as zombies. So, we know how that went.

Back in the past, the news team reels as the beginnings of the zombie apocalypse start to take hold outside the station at the scene of a plane crash. They don't know what they have on their hands…yet.  The news team decides to put Mike Renfro, the reporter who's been turned into a zombie, on the air. And it goes terribly as he attacks the news producers and turns everyone Z.

Including the anchorman, who later, in the present, attacks Murphy and Doc and 10K. Finally they finally give him mercy.

Meanwhile, up in the Northern Lights Station, Citizen Z tells Kaya and Nana that his plane crashed and he made his way back to meet his son, Jay Z. Citizen Z finds out that the new Z's are smarter and faster and can't be killed as he and Kaya investigate who's in the station, they come across a lot more Z's than they're used to.  They also find the man with the plan, the bald creep we last saw in Zona. And he seemed to be part of the whole plan that all those creepy Zona scientists were up to. The question is, why is he here?

Back in Milwaukee, Operation Bitemark make their way to the roof of the news station to find the transmitters so they can communicate with the Northern Lights Station. As per usual, they're pursued by zombies. In a flashback, Carly also makes her way up the stairs to the roof. Also pursued by zombies.  As the team makes their way to the roof, we learn the fate of Carly McFadden. She stayed on the roof reporting the news, only to attack the gang and end up dead, mercied by Roberta Warren.

Kaya finds the creepy Zona guy in the control room, transmitting information. He says it's time for him to go and while she tries to stop him, instead she runs off to help Citizen Z. They figure out what he was looking for: stuff on disks called Black Rainbow. When Citizen Z and Kaya in the Sky-a get in touch with Operation Bitemark, there's a lot of excitement to be in touch again. When they find out that Black Rainbow is on the file disks, Roberta is clear: they're on the right path. Zona is looking for the black rainbow she's seeing in her visions!