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Episode Recap: At All Cost

Warren and the others must free the Talkers being held in Quarantine and prepare to attack Altura.


Murphy has been rounded up with a group of talkers by Estes. He has them all penned
in and is not letting them vote in Altura’s big election. His henchmen put them all onto
buses, but Murphy has a different idea and he and the gang plan a revolt.

Citizen Z, George, and Warren sneak there way back onto Altura grounds. Kaya’s
hacking skills are a big help and allow them in. And she’s got the best hiding space in
Altura: hanging out inside of a soda vending machine. Well done. CZ joins her and they commence hacking to help the rest of the team sneak around the Altura campus.

George and Warren change from their in-disguise gear to their signature looks right
after the arrive. It’s almost like they’re trying to get caught… Are they trying to get
caught? They get caught.

Creepy half-face Pandora finds Estes henchmen slaughtered by Murphy’s Talkers, and
the Talkers are now missing. She confronts Murphy, and she’s not happy. Pandora
does some gross kissy-face with Estes, and then is in charge of getting info on the
Talkers out of George. Estes confronts Warren and George, telling them that he plans
to become some crazy version of supreme Alturan overlord while he imprisons them for treason. And then he separates them. After that, the Pandora-led torture-for-info thing begins. Pandora is into it, and it’s pretty hideous.

Doc and 10K are working with Addie to build a hidden camp for the Talker troupe. They are hiding under tents and planning something. They have lithium as a biscuit substitute and are able to work together and not Z out.

Back in the Alturan lab, Sun-Mei has been working hard on finding a cure for the virus
that turns people into Zs. Red helps her out, and it looks like they have finally made a
breakthrough. She’s found a cure! Now to sneak it out of the lab….

Pandora’s torture of George gets successively worse, and she gleefully confesses to
killing Dante. She’s pretty solid as super-evil. All the while saying how much she hates
Talkers even though she is one. It’s complicated.

Murphy makes it to the Talker hideout, and he and Addie have a nice bonding moment. Sun-Mei is caught by Estes trying to sneak out her solution, and Estes punishes her by infecting her with the Z virus. Silver lining: Red can use her antidote to fix her. But not great that she’s mortally wounded.

Citizen Z finds Warren and they rescue George. Then they head to Sun-Mei and Red.
Sun-Mei asks them to take her brain to create more antidotes to the Z virus. She knows
she can’t survive and she wants to help humanity.

Estes and team are not happy when they find out what they’ve done. Warren and
George sneak out of the building with her brain. And the Talker revolt, led by Murphy
and Addie, is on the march to Altura.