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Episode Recap: Escape from Altura

10K nearly loses everything as panic and anti-Talker sentiments flare after an explosion derails the vote.


Ears ringing, dust swirling, the voting delegates for the Newmerica vote have been victims of a bombing. There are now some dead and some new zombies, and then some outsider zombies swarm in. This was a sabotage! There’s a hole in the fence and the Altura community quickly goes into lockdown.

CEO Estes declares a quarantine for talkers, and they are not giving them biscuits. Which means there are a bunch of getting-hungry-and-angry Zs penned in together. What’s going to happen when they riot and break out?

Murphy is not about a lockdown, so he makes a run for it, having jumped onto the back of a van driven by George’s talker friend Dante. And Dante is now suspect number one  in the bombing. Warren, CZ, Doc and George decide to break out of the lockdown and head to Pacifica, looking for Dante and answers.

Murphy has a stalker, who turns out to be a friend who offers him a ride somewhere new when he falls off of Dante’s van. And 10K, Sarge, Red and Sun Mei are all fighting it out against the Z hordes when 10K get bit, Red cuts his hand off at the bite and Sarge makes the ultimate sacrifice--dying to save her friends. Oh – and why did creepy talker Pandora do that weird strangle/face-lick thing with CEO Estes? Maybe he’s not such a great guy, after all…

It’s a pretty bad day in Z Nation history, team.