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Episode Recap: Hackerville

With some help from an outpost of renegade hackers, Warren and George hack Altura's defenses and discover Estes secret plan.


George and Warren arrive in Hackerville. And who’s there to greet them? Some blasé Zs, who don’t even pay them any attention, and – hooray! – Citizen Z, himself. They barge their way in and make a deal with the four resident hackers to search Estes’s computer back on Altura, in exchange for future Newmerica immunity, should Newmerica be created.

Back in Limbo, Doc and 10K have arrived and delivered battery-licking Talkers to Murphy and Addie. Estes and some henchmen come knocking and barge into the
place, looking for the Talkers they are hiding.

And in Altura, Sun Mei is back in her lab, searching for some kind of cure. Red shows
up with a friend named Becky who is dying and becoming a Talker. And Kaya,
communicating with Citizen Z, skulks around the Altura campus searching for Estes’s
laptop. Estes gets an alert that the hackers are nosing into his building. He leaves Murphy and team to go and deal with it. Then Murphy, Addie and company slice up some lithium to keep the Talkers talking. When there is a Talker child reported missing, the team fans out to search for him. And they find him outside, with Estes. Ooohhh – dirty move to kidnap/hide the child in order to find the Talkers. Gross, Estes.

Back in Altura, Sun Mei and Red decide to give Becky a dose of the only blood that’s
been resistant to going full Z. Of course, it’s Murphy’s. Without biscuits or lithium, they
hope an inoculation of Murphy’s blood will make her a Talker. Oh, and Kaya is still
sneaking around the area, getting access to Estes’ laptop, and, maybe, some insights
into his mysterious motivations.

Leaving Limbo, Estes forces Murphy and company to let him take all of the Talkers
away. “For their own good.” Why? Why does he want them? Murphy wants to know, so
he volunteers to go with the gang. This should be interesting.