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Episode Recap: Heartland

Our heroes arrive in the farming outpost that produces flour for bizkits and find it overrun by zombies.

Well they are kicking this can down the road on the quest for NewMerica. Warren, Addy and 10K are searching for the source of the flour that makes the Talker-saving bizkits. Heading into the town of Heartland, they find fields in need of harvest and a lot of hungry Talkers.

George and Doc join the party, and the gang takes refuge in a farmhouse where they
find some answers to their questions. The source of some brains, and the source of the
flour. But who is behind all of the disruptions that are breaking up the efforts to help the
Talkers and make bizkits? Enter Pandora, this time in an adorable farm-appropriate

The gang needs to calm the Talkers and find out why the water needed to grow the
grain has dried up. Meanwhile, Addy introduces the group to handsome farmer Finn and everyone gets to know Charlie.

George is mourning Dante, but still believes in Newmerica. The group won’t let this
latest Talker problem slow them down on their mission of peace and bizkits. Well,
actually, it really does slow them down. And whoa, 10K’s stump hand looks terrible. But
they are forging on!