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Episode Recap: Pacifica

Warren and George search for Lt. Dante, who may be part of an underground network helping Talkers flee human vigilantes.


Reeling from the loss of Sarge, 10K and Red participate in a ceremony for those lost in
Altura. They are memorializing people with a DNA wall. (Totally normal.) And on their
trek to Pacifica, while hunting for Dante, Warren, Doc, Citizen Z and George meet up
with some familiar faces. Pacifica, described as a paradise, turns out to be a bit more combative than anticipated.

The community is in conflict due to the bombing, and people are worried about the
talkers revolting and talking about a quarantine. Rinse and repeat. Warren and George
make a powerful case for unity, and everyone agrees to sleep on it. Or do they?

The next day dawns in Pacifica with a talker escape and a zombie attack. Back in
Altura, 10K worries he won’t recover with a missing trigger finger/hand. And Estes – the
benevolent CEO – continues to act super creepy. Why is he so interested in Sun Mei’s
research anyway? And did CZ’s video show Dante as responsible for the bombing, or
not? Where is Dante? And, where the heck is Murphy? Questions abound.