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Episode Recap: State of Mine

Altura militiamen force Talkers to mine a hazardous waste landfill for the secret ingredient to bizkits.


Continuing their quest to find the source of the bizkits that keep Talkers talking – and
not Z-ing – the team has found the bakery, searched for the flour and now kept the
water running. What’s next? The trail has led the team to a garbage dump of some kind, where there is a forced labor group of Zs gathering what looks to be busted electronics. And maybe a mine? Warren, George, Doc and 10K investigate.

Warren and George go one way, Doc and 10K another. George decides to pose as a
Talker and pretty quickly gets rounded up with the rest of the workers. Warren gets
sucked down into a garbage sinkhole and is the first to discover what’s down there. It’s
some kind of human/robot who likes to eat the electronics. Just like the Talkers. And
he’s killing people. It’s a Bad Guy.

Meanwhile Doc and 10K pose as the hazmat-suit-clad soldiers who are rounding up the Talkers and making them work. When they are discovered, they put on a good show of being sent by the boss -- who turns out to be Estes. (Remember him? From Altura?)

George is pushed into labor in the mine and finds Warren. They realize that the
electronics are being harvested for lithium. That’s what the Talkers are eating, and it just might be the mystery secret ingredient in the bizkits. George and Warren climb out of the mine, only to be nabbed by hazmat bros. But Doc has some tricks in the control
room and helps his friends escape, chased by man/robot/fluttering cape Bad Guy.

Everyone realizes it’s time to get out, and so the disguised Bitemark faction decides to
hijack the truck of workers leaving the dumping ground. After a pretty well-botched
escape attempt, Robo/Human nightmare attacks everyone and nearly takes out Warren.

But his battery dies, so Warren lives. Phew. Turns out, he was a Talker turned cyber
nightmare. Man, this apocalypse keeps getting weirder.