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Episode Recap: The End of Everything

Our heroes break into Altura in an attempt to bring Pandora and Estes to justice, when Cooper reappears, shocking Warren; there’s something he has to tell her. 


It’s voting day in Altura. Red, George and Warren sneak Sun-Mei’s sacrifice out of the
lab. Her brains will be used to make an antidote for the Z virus. Red goes to hide the
brains, with Warren telling her to get it to Murphy if anything goes wrong.

Evil Estes and his creepy gal-pal Pandora are making evil plans. She shows them
where George said the Talkers were holed up during her torturous interrogation. And
then they have another gross make-out session alongside Sun-Mei’s corpse.

Warren and George sneak around the Altura campus, searching for Kaya and CZ.
Suddenly Pandora and Estes and various henchmen are there, blasting at the soda
machine that was housing the hacker hideout. But good news: They got away.

Warren, George and CZ sneak around and check out the voter turnout. The numbers
look pretty low. And Warren misses one familiar face: Martin Cooper! Her dreamy
farmhouse beau is here to vote!

Doc and 10K initiate their plan. Back in the Talker campground, Doc is setting off some
switches and hiding in a bunker. Right where George said they would be, as the Estes
Henchmen roll up with guns drawn and plans to mercy everyone. But it’s just Doc as a one-man show, pretending to be an army of Talkers. As they are about to take out Doc,
10K snipes from the ridge and saves him. The pro duo of Doc and 10K dashes off as the henchmen go Z and start attacking each other.

Murphy and Addie bring the Talkers to the Altura gates to vote. Pandora and Estes
meet them there, but know that they can’t fight because their militia is now gone.

George and Warren challenge them, as Pandora pulls a gun and she and Estes run off.
Warren chases Pandora around and finds Cooper. Murphy pulls a gun on him, though
Warren is glad to see him. She runs off, still chasing Pandora, but she loses her and
then finds George instead. Then they get to Estes who is lording over some kind of
super-charged hot tub that he is calling a powerful battery.

Estes confesses to staging the attack in order to starve Talkers and use all the lithium to power Altura. He wants it for security, and Talkers are just collateral damage to him – a sacrifice he is willing to make. And he has now nicely confessed, live on camera, thanks to CZ. And Pandora’s not too happy about the way he spoke about Talkers.

Pandora, in an awesome new outfit and half-face, sabotages the battery and Estes has
to run off. It has something to do with pumps, trying to keep the lithium from getting
exposed to oxygen and preventing an explosion. Meanwhile, George and Pandora
battle it out.
Estes gets hideous burns in the efforts to stop the explosion. George digs deep and
finally defeats Pandora. The battery is fixed, and then Estes shoots Warren point blank
many times. And she’s fine. There’s no blood. Wha???!!!

Cooper appears when Warren comes to. He tells her that Estes is in custody. That he
and Murphy are OK now. And why he wanted to talk to Warren. It turns out, back at the
farm when he first operated on her, Warren died on the table. And then she came back. She’s a Talker? Damn apocalypse! Cooper lets her know that she is welcome at his farm anytime, and says goodbye.

George changes jackets for the election results ceremony. In Sergeant Pepper style,
she addresses the crowd of humans and Talkers. She advocates for democracy, talks
about friends lost and gained, and is optimistic about the future.

Murphy heads outside with Sun-Mei’s brains. He tastes them to learn what to do next,
and smiles knowingly.