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Episode Recap: Water Keepers

Doc must “spirit walk” again to help save the Chief of the Water Keepers and get the water flowing to Newmerica.


Doc and 10K have been abducted by “the water keepers.” George and Warren save
them from the mystery captives, but the celebration is short-lived as they are all soon

The enemy camp quickly becomes a friendly one, since Operation Bitemark has been
through a lot and made a many friends in this here apocalypse. Doc is thrilled to see
Kuruk, after they shared that memorable medicinal experience together (not the Grand
Canyon). And Ayalla recognizes 10K from that same time. Plus, the water keepers know George. So, why is the group withholding the water? Well, they’re not. There have been bombings intended to sabotage the dam, just like at Altura and Pacifica. 

Ayalla outfits 10K with a new hand, and when they witness an outsider skulking around
the camp, 10K follows him. They end up in the workings of the dam, and 10K fights the
Talkers but fails, and another bomb goes off. The Talkers are attacking people
protecting the dam.

Kuruk wants to leave their encampment with all of their people, but her father wants to
fix the dam and stay. Another saboteur bombs the dam and fights her father,
unbeknownst to Kukuk and the group. She, Doc and Warren take a medicinal drug to enter the spirit world and try to talk to his father there, while George and a tribal medicine man observe their bodies. Kuruk finds her injured father, Doc finds an injured 10K, and Warren finds a way into the dam. The groups join forces to save it, save lives, and protect the home of the waterkeepers.