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Episode Recap: Welcome to Newmerica

Warren recovers from the drone crash with handsome, mysterious, Cooper, while Doc and the others finally arrive in Newmerica, where they meet George, who is helping form the new country.


After Warren crashes and stumbles across the countryside and is also no longer blonde somehow, she is rescued after collapsing at a farm, nursed to health, and then begins to start keeping up the farm – and the house – with the man who saved her, the ruggedly handsome, Cooper.

Meanwhile, Murphy and Doc and the rest of the gang are picking up survivors on their way to Newmerica. But Murphy senses that Warren is out there somewhere, and he is determined to find her. So he sets his own path and tracks her. Murphy’s unique technique? Eating zombie brains for their memories of Warren’s path.

Doc and the rest of the group continue on their mission. But danged if some of their new companions aren’t acting a little Z-like. Why is “Mrs. McGillicuddy” eating zombie brains on the side of the road? Seems like she’s got more than a little headcold. When they finally get to Newmerica, they learn what’s up. Turns out that after the reset and the black rain, there are some people who turn into Zs that are not just “walkers” but also “talkers.” What in the fresh hell is this? Three of their “companions” on this journey are actually talkers. Good news – the biscuits calm them down. So they all merrily trek off to a bigger Newmerican outpost. Anyone/thing that can talk – alive or dead – is welcome.  

Warren and her new friend Cooper are getting very cozy. Playing happy home, cooking together, working together, playing dominos, dancing, shooting Zs. It’s practically dreamy. When Warren finds out Cooper’s got a secret, she helps him dispose of it. With fire. And who should spot smoke from the burning pyre? Murphy. He’s on his way.

Next episode, please!!!!