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Episode Recap: Mother

Welcome to the birth of the Witness. Welcome to the beginning of the end of the world. 


So. A quick recap from season two but if you really want to catch up, remember that we’ve got a TON of these kinds of things. Go here for more. Okay, so the last time we saw everyone, Jones and Cole were able to make it back to the year 2046, and a pregnant Cassie went to 2163 aboard Titan: the 12 Monkeys' City-meet-Splinter-Machine.  Deacon was murdered by 12 Monkeys types, Jennifer Goines was sent to Europe during the First World War, and Ramse met up with Olivia. So there are a lot of unanswered questions. But, for now – here’s what’s happening. 

An exhausted and malnourished Cole is searching for Cassie all over the year 2163, because that's the last known location where Titan could have gone. Cole has been placing beacons everywhere, looking for not only Cassie but also Ramse and Jennifer Goines. Jones is growing tired of this plan and insists that he stop searching for Cassie and focus on the mission of stopping The Witness and the Army of the 12 Monkeys and their terrible plot to end time. She lets Cole keep searching but sends along her daughter Hannah to keep an eye on him. As predicted, when Cole jumps back to 2163 with Hannah, they disagree on how long to stay and Cole is left alone. But good news, the beacon works and he now has a way to find Cassie.

Meanwhile, Cassie is somewhat safe on Titan. Pregnant and just wanting to go home, Cassie’s handmaiden Ariana is nice to her but an angry woman named Magdalena informs Cassie that she's just a vessel, not necessarily who the baby will think of as a "mother." As Cole races to find Cassie, he encounters someone he's never seen before: a guy with excellent fighting skills who's wearing a suit made of a splinter machine! The stranger jumps away before the fight is finished, which raises the suspicion of the 12 Monkeys on Titan. As they prepare to jump away, Cassie and her handmaiden Ariana have just enough of a distraction to start their daring escape. Cole makes it to Titan just as Cassie's about to be re-captured! Just as he’s about to save her, that same stranger in the splinter suit jumps out of nowhere, thwarting the rescue! Cole is furious as he finds himself in the Emerson hotel with…himself?!

Turns out that Cole has come from the future to tell himself that the key to everything is Jennifer Goines, who’s in France in 1917. During the First World War. In order to brush up on her German, she sings 99 Luftballoons music video style. And then, as per usual, she has a vision about The Horsemen of the Apocalypse and realizes that a lot of the 12 Monkeys' plan started in 1917. Jennifer’s in the right place to figure it out, she just needs to get in touch with her friends for help.

Meanwhile, Cole wants to know what happens to Cassie in 2163, and future Cole wont tell him. But we will: back on Titan, Cassie is still trying to escape, and chooses to end her life instead of having her son be this weird Messiah to these evil people. Except then, out of nowhere, Magdalena saves her by jumping back in time. Those suits allow the Army of 12 Monkeys to jump back instantly to warn themselves about what's to come, thereby solving their problems before they even begin.

As Cole jumps back to the lab with Jones to go and find Jennifer Goines, it’s revealed that Cassie has been at the Emerson Hotel the whole time, listening while the two Coles talked. For some reason, she and future Cole needed to tell present Cole to go find Jennifer and to make him think something terrible had happened to Cassie. So, there’s obviously way more going on. Meanwhile, back in 2163, Cassie gives birth to the Witness.