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'The Boys' transforms into a surprisingly wholesome '90s sitcom with Amazon parody trailer

Even the most hardcore shows can become fun for the whole family with a grainy filter and upbeat soundtrack.

By Josh Weiss
The Boys Season 3 Episode 6

The Boys is about as far-removed from the word "wholesome" as one can get. All of the sex, violence, profanity, and depravity contained within the first three seasons kind of renders the hit Prime Video series ineligible as being "fun for the whole family." The MCU, it ain't.

With that said, Amazon has proved once again that anything — even the most hardcore of superhero shows — can be transformed into a piece of heartwarming television with a grainy VHS filter and an upbeat soundtrack. For no reason in particular, the streaming platform has reimagined the adult-oriented project as a '90s sitcom. Because why the hell not, right? If you're new to The Boys, be warned that this is not an accurate representation of what goes on in Vought Land. If you're already a fan with knowledge of just how dark the story can become, however, the parody may give off unsettling echoes of Adult Swim's "Too Many Cooks."

Check it out below:

With the year winding down, Amazon also took the time to remember the beloved (and not-so-beloved) characters we lost over the last 12 months — from the TNT Twins to Timothy the octopus. You may recall that The Deep (Chace Crawford) was forced to slurp down his tentacled friend at the behest of a sadistic Homelander (Antony Starr) in the most recent season. #JusticeforTimothy, indeed!

Showrunner and executive producer Eric Kripke addressed the show's immense popularity over the holiday weekend, stating that it wouldn't be half as good without the participation of his creative collaborators. 

"Its cause of these people and countless more," he tweeted. "My very fave part of the job is bringing together so many stone cold geniuses in their respective fields & then everyone bands together to make this one crazy thing. Filmmaking is a team sport." 

Season 4 of The Boys is now in production and will be preceded by a college-based spinoff: Gen V. The first three seasons of The Boys are now streaming on Prime Video alongside a special animated anthology — The Boys Presents: Diabolical.

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