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Bitten: The Most Surprising Moments of Season 3

The third season of Bitten was full of twists, turns and even the occasional shock.

By Bryan Enk

That's a wrap for the third season of Bitten.

Season 3 was a moving, intimate tale of a community in flux, a Pack that finally became a real Family when someone stepped in to become its much-needed mother (Elena!). It was a story of growth and change … and one with some considerable surprises. Here are the most unexpected and sometimes shocking moments of Bitten Season 3.

  1. The Albino Times Two

    Double your villain pleasure, double your villain fun! The Albino was already the most formidable foe the Pack ever faced, but when his twin brother showed up, well, things really got difficult. What a twist! They're both dead now.


  2. Katia Got Killed

    We had a feeling Season 3 would involve a tragic death or two, but we weren't expecting Elena's little half-sister to be the sacrificial lamb. Katia had a particularly nasty death, too — stabbed in the ribs by The Albino's twin brother and left on the road.

    It Was Him

  3. Jeremy Survived

    We thought for sure Jeremy was going to die. He went down such a dark, angry path this season, and we didn't see any light at the end of his tunnel. But surprise! He made it to the end of the finale … sans one eye, of course.


  4. Nick Survived, Too

    We thought Nick was going to buy the farm at the, er, farm where he and Katia were held hostage by Roman's goons. But you can't keep a good Nick down! Not only did he survive but he totally killed the crap out of those Russian thugs.


  5. Rachel's a Witch

    Who ever thought that a seemingly throw-away moment like this one from Season 2 …


    … would result in a major plot point of Season 3? Rachel was injected with Savannah's blood when she was a lab rat at Aleister's House of Horrors, which resulted in her gaining witchy powers herself. We never saw that coming! And speaking of Savannah …
  6. No Savannah

    Paige had a few cameo appearances throughout Season 3, but Savannah, one of the main protagonists of Season 2, was completely M.I.A. She's out there somewhere being the littlest witch, though it would appear that she has no more dealings with Stonehaven. Really, not even a text to her BFF Elena? Sheesh.


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