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Announcing Syfy Labs


Good News Everyone!

Breaking News in fact! We're announcing, nay, unveiling, a brand new feature at Syfy and we're calling it Syfy Labs. It's our very own think tank that will be devoted to creating immersive, multi-platform content and experiences for existing and emerging platforms. Translation? Cool stuff for cool shows. From virtual reality to 3D printing, second screen experiences and Internet of Things integrations, and that's just what we're getting started with; there's tons of exciting things in the pipeline. Here's a short list of the things we're cooking up in our laboratory:

3D Printing: We know you still think about that scene in Starship Troopers where Johnny Rico gets his leg repaired courtesy of 3D printing. While we might not be at the recreation of limbs yet, we're doing the next best thing. We're partnering up with MakerBot, one of the industry’s leading innovators in 3D printing, to offer printable files of exclusive 3D models via MakerBot’s Thingiverse, the Internet’s largest 3D printing community. Check out what we've already got brewing (Hint! It's a few of the amazing spacecrafts from The Expanse and a skull from our new show Hunters). If you've got a 3D printer of your own you can start printing up your own Syfy toys now!

Virtual Reality: With the eventual goal of going full on Matrix, we're gettin into the virtual reality space. Over the Summer we released the iOS and Android Google Cardboard-enabled versions of The Expanse VR app, which lets you explore the vessels of The Expanse in glorious 3D renderings. And coming soon, as in this month soon, we're going to release The Expanse VR app for Samsung Gear VR.

Hue/Sync: Continuing in 2016, we're expanding our Hue with Sync offerings. Sync up The Expanse, 12 Monkeys or Sharnado 4 with Syfy Sync, and if you have Phillips Hue Lightbulbs in your home you can watch with immersive, custom lighting tracks. Think about your whole room turning blood red in response to a shark bite. 

Stay tuned for more to come in 2016