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Beware the Ides of March!

Very bad things happen on March 15. And, for some Syfy characters, on non-March 15, too.

By Bryan Enk

You know about the Ides of March, yes? It's the rather notorious day on the Roman calendar that corresponds to March 15, the date of the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 BC. William Shakespeare made this tragedy even more dramatic with his stage play, The Tradgedy of Julius Caesar. So, "March the 15th" isn't quite as sinister as, say, "Friday the 13th," but it's nonetheless a day synonymous with bad luck and badder goings-on. In celebration of this dubious 'holiday,' we've compiled some unfortunate moments in the lives of Syfy characters that could've easily have taken place on the Ides of March.

  1. Elena and the Terrible, Horrible, Rotten, Very Bad Day

    We're Done Talking

    If you remember, in Bitten Season 2, Episode 4: "Dead Meat," Elena was poked, prodded, shocked, stabbed and generally treated with ill will by Aleister the Wicked (Male) Witch and his mad scientist lover, Dr. Sondra Bauer. Click here for a detailed account of this horrible time at Aleister's Happy House of Horrors.
  2. Sold Out by Six

    The Mole Revealed! (SPOILER)

    In keeping with the treachery theme of Julius Caesar, Season 1 of Dark Matter ended with the crew of the Raza being dragged away by the Galactic Authority as a smug Six looks on. Betrayed by a fellow amnesiac criminal misfit!
  3. Miller's Rainy Day


    "It keeps the rain off my head," said Joe Miller of The Expanse when asked why he wears an old-timey hat. Well, maybe he shouldn't have left that hat on Ceres, 'cause it rained cats, dogs, cows and pianos on Eros Station, where Miller not only found the grotesque, mutated body of Julie Mao but also got zapped with a heaping dose of radiation poisoning. Sure, once he got to the Rocinante, the tricked-out future meds took care of the sickness, but the body of his slain pal, Sematimba, was on hand to make sure his day didn't get too sunny.
  4. North Korea Is Not Boston


    Time travel is not an exact science, as we've seen on 12 Monkeys. Sometimes the projected times and locations are ... well, a little off. So was the case when Cole was supposed to be sent to Boston in 2015 but instead found himself in ... North Korea in 2006, where he got slapped around a bit before Jones realized her error and got him back to 2043. Jeez.
  5. No Magic For Julia


    Just imagine this: You're a cast member of the hot new show, The Magicians, and in the very first episode you're denied admission into the school that will teach you how to do magic. Yes, Julia was destined for a much different path, though that first day of rejection was a doozy.
  6. Oh, Dad! You Devil

    Doom and Gloom

    Bo's father, Hades himself, causes all sorts of devilish trouble on Lost Girl, though he arguably went too far when he killed both Bo's mom, Aife, and her grandpa and confidante, Trick. What's worse, he got artistic with it, posing them like wax figures in a frame with their throats slit. Lost Girl: it's not just about sex anymore.
  7. Every Day on Z Nation


    Every single day on Z Nation involves some sort of variation on the above image. It's a hard knock life, 24-7.