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Expanse VR for Gear


You've already seen the first 5 episodes of The Expanse, right? If not clear out the next 4 hours of your schedule because a binge awaits you here

But did you know that you can go deeper into the world of The Expanse? Expanse VR is a virtual reality app that lets you explore the planets and ships of The Expanse. By using the App and by moving your phone or tablet around you'll see all the different angles while the video plays. Where things get ridiculously immersive is when you add in Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear (just added last week and the hit of CES 2016 if we do say so ourselves). Think of Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear as your entrée into the newfangled world of virtual reality. The bottom line is that you can slam your iphone into the cardboard, or your latest droid phone into the Gear, and get the most crazy 360˚Expanse experience this side of Ceres. 

You can download the app at the Apple App Store and Google Play stores, but if you're still not sold, Go here for more info.