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The Expanse: Explore The Solar System's Biggest Space Station


Have you been speeding across the the Jakku desert in the immersive 360 experience of Star Wars: The Force Awakens created for Facebook? We've got the next big thing in 360 virtual reality. Explore the Solar System within in the world of The Expanse, our giant (like, literally, it's giant. The show is set across the solar system), arriving December 14.  This video allows you to experience it all in full 360-degree virtual reality. Move around every corner of the experience by using your mouse on desktop or by shifting your handheld device in different directions.

In the scene below, you can check out the crown jewel of The Asteroid Belt - Tycho Station. Traverse every corner of the station, the most advanced starship workstation in the solar system, and inspect its most recent project: The Nauvoo, a massive generational ship. Note: You can to use google chrome to experience the true 360-degree elements of the below video. 

The below scene - and another featuring The Expanse's premiere ice hauler, The Canterbury - can be accessed by downloading the Expanse VR app.