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This Week on 10.23.17

Your weekly recap to the latest news across


Get the latest in official news, episode goodness and other updates with our weekly rundown of the hottest moments across THIS WEEK.

Don't Miss the Channel Zero: No-End House Season Finale
In case you hadn't heard, this season of Channel Zero has been scary af! Get an exclusive Sneak Peek of the upcoming Season Finale, below. BUT, it contains **SPOILERS** so watch at your own risk! 

[SPOILER] Season 2, Episode 6, Sneak Peek

See the Full Episode, this Wednesday, October 25 at 10/9c - only on SYFY!

Watch Memorable Ghost Wars Moments
[Singing:] "It's creepy and it's kooky, mysterious and spooky and all together ooky. The Ghost Wars memorable moments." **snap snap** Check out some of the most scary and bizarre moments from the inagural Season of Ghost Wars.

Paranormal Probing

Show And Tell

See more Ghost Wars clips, here.

Watch this Heart-Wrenching Van Helsing Clip
That awkward moment when you cure your vampire daughter and then she turns into dust in your arms any damn way. Damn, damn, damn!!

Medicinal Mistake

See how Vanessa will react to the aftermath of Dylan's death in an all-new episode of Van Helsing, this Wednesday at 9/8c.

Watch Z Nation Zombie Kills
When it comes to killing Zombies, our crew is a team of experts. See them in action with all-new zombie takedown videos every week following new episodes of Z Nation on Fridays at 9/8c.

View the latest Zombie Kills video:

All Zombie Kills - Season 4, Episode 4

Check Our Our Z Nation WTF Blog
What in the absolute f#&k, Z Nation? This week we're scratching our heads at Z Rats and Roberta's catnap amid a zombie attack. Read on for more wtf, here.

Watch This Very Superstitious Episode of Superstition
Missed the premiere of Mario Van Peebles' sweet, sweet bad ass new SYFY series? Fret not, watch the full episode, right now!

MPX Video: Pilot (351557)