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Recap: Old friends return as Chucky gets himself an upgrade in Chucky Episode 5, 'Little Little Lies'

As much as America’s favorite serial-killing doll is here for both a good time and a long time, Chucky’s got one hell of an iconic posse.

By Caitlin Busch
Chucky 105 Still

As much as Child’s Play fans have enjoyed getting to know our new, young heroes in SYFY & USA’s Chucky, there’s been an undeniable hole in the fandom’s collective heart. Because as much as America’s favorite serial-killing doll is here for both a good time and a long time, Chucky’s got one hell of an iconic posse. 

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In Episode 5, “Little Little Lies,” they begin to take center stage. 

**SPOILER WARNING: This recap contains spoilers for Chucky Season 1, Episode 5, “Little Little Lies.”**

We begin the episode with yet another flashback to Charles Lee Ray’s youth, this time looking a bit more familiar with his long black hair and sunglasses. He picks up a woman at a neon-drenched nightclub who matches his… charisma. They’re both looking for something special — which we’ll circle back to later. 

Little Caroline Cross (Carina Battrick) is still in the hospital, although she’s in a different room from the one Chucky ganked a detective in last week. She asks her father Nathan (Michael Therriault) where Chucky is, but it’s only after she complains that he acquiesces to show her Chucky’s half-melted corpse. She flips out (Chucky ain’t lookin’ so hot), and Nathan tosses Chucky into the garbage chute, which lands the doll in a medical waste bin. He is, of course, thrilled by the dregs of drugs he finds there.

Lexy (Alyvia Alyn Lind), who’s now on the hunt for Chucky, is frustrated by her sister’s sudden lack of love for him, since that’s resulted in the doll’s disappearance. She’s officially teamed up with Jake (Zackary Arthur) and Devon (Bjorgvin Arnarson), and they journey to the basement in search of their stabby little friend. When they work together to dig through the disgusting medical waste bin, they come up empty-handed, much to their concern. So, they try to go about their lives; they go to school the next day, and try to deduce where Chucky might have gone and how he moves so fast for someone with such stubby legs. 

“He’s a psychopath in his hometown on a mission. He’s not leaving,” Devon, resident true-crime expert, promises the other two when they consider he might have left town. Devon also thinks they should let Junior (Teo Briones) in on their magic mission from hell, but Lexy says he “doesn’t have the imagination” to keep up with them and truly understand what’s going on. She also rightfully realizes that Chucky’s kill sprees aren’t necessarily about the “where” but the “who” — Chucky has victims and plans; he’s not unorganized, despite that unhinged-sounding cackle. 

Between class, Devon and Jake have a moment to process their grief thus far. Devon talks Jake through his emotions, and, while holding hands, it’s clear their feelings for each other are only growing.

While our little lovebirds are spending some quality time together, Lexy, upon returning home, still has to deal with her toxic mother’s attitude and her father buying Caroline a brand-new Good Guy doll. This one introduces itself as Tommy — since it’s just a doll… for now — but Lexy is still appropriately alarmed. 

We then cut to the Wheeler household, where Logan (Devon Sawa) informs Junior that he’s pulled some strings to allow him to still compete at nationals, despite Junior having been in the hospital. Logan even reveals himself to maybe have as short a temper as his dead brother, upon breaking up a spat between Jake and Junior. Bree (Lexa Doig) isn’t sure having a “second son” around is such a good idea at the time, which might cause a few problems for Jake, but he’s got bigger problems.

Chucky's Dead?

Lexy’s told the boys about Tommy, just in time for Chucky to show up during a rainstorm and stare menacingly through a window at Caroline and Tommy as they play in the parlor. Nathan later finds Chucky in the room, and throws him away (again) in the trash can outside. Lexy sees her opportunity to bring the boys over, and the three of them work together to “kick his ass until he’s dead.” They celebrate, and Devon and Jake ride off into the night on their bikes and share their first kiss.

Cut back to that flashback from earlier in the episode, and we see Chucky and his mystery woman pick up a girl in the club. They take her back to a hotel room, and, in a twist, Chucky turns on the first girl and stabs her. He offers the knife to the second girl, who gleefully joins in. Chucky introduces himself to girl no. 2, who introduces herself as… Tiffany.

Yes, that means we’ve just seen Chucky and Tiff’s first meeting, which happened long before the events of Bride of Chucky when Tiffany Valentine (played by the fabulous Jennifer Tilly) was first introduced. 

That’s not the only surprise of the episode, though, since this is the episode when we learn Bree’s big secret: She’s been battling cancer. Her diagnosis is terminal, and she hasn’t told her family yet.

The vibe changes dramatically from Bree’s therapy session to Tilly’s Tiffany and Fiona Dourif’s Nica Pierce — who’s possessed by a portion of Chucky’s soul after the events of Cult of Chucky — making out in their underwear on a bed with a new victim of theirs gagged and bound to a chair in the corner. Chucky/Nica and Tiffany get into an argument — they’ve never exactly had the healthiest of relationships — and Tiffany storms out to get food. This opens up an opportunity for Nica’s consciousness to sneak back into her body. She collapses, as she’s paralyzed without Chucky’s soul influencing her body, and we learn that she’s unsure how long Chucky has been inhabiting her body. We get flashbacks to her time in Cult and her introduction in Curse of Chucky, but as she’s frantically working to free the man who’s tied up, he accidentally knocks her out again, which results in Chucky taking back over just as Tiffany returns.

Welcome Back Nica

The other portion of Chucky’s soul that’s running around has been busy, too. Jake, Devon, and Lexy attend a special school assembly with their peers and parents in which Detective Evans urges them all to be safe, only for Principal McVey’s (Jana Peck) head to roll out from backstage. The curtain opens to reveal Chucky’s taken another victim, and we learn that Chucky’s soul was no longer in the doll that our heroes beat to death earlier. He’d already transferred his soul to the “Tommy” doll, and he’s still on the loose.

Yet another death with Jake present at the crime scene, two parts of Chucky’s soul running around town, and Tiffany back and better than ever. What could possibly go wrong in the final few episodes of Chucky Season 1?

Chucky Gets an Upgrade
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