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Meet Nica: Everything You Didn't Know about Curse of Chucky & Cult of Chucky

Two movies where Chucky goes back to his roots, because some things never change (he's still evil).

By John Albinson
Everything You Didn't Know About Curse of Chucky & Cult of Chucky

What's up, jerks? Welcome to another stabbing-filled installment of SYFY's Everything You Didn't Know series, where super-host Juan Cadavid will be focusing on Curse of Chucky (2013) and Cult of Chucky (2017), the sixth and seventh films in the saga of cinema's most iconic killer doll. Watch and learn as Juan breaks down how these two movies honor the legacy of the Chucky franchise while continuing to show us the conflicting nature of Chucky and his original owner, Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent).

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Curse and Cult see the Chucky franchise go back to its roots. Besides reintroducing the character of Andy — now a full-grown, problematic adult — these two movies “tie into the allure” of the original Child's Play (1988) by returning to themes and ideas merely touched upon in Chucky's debut feature. For example, did you know that in Curse, Chucky voice actor Brad Dourif appears on-screen as the human Charles Lee Ray for the first time since Child's Play? Or that in Cult, Andy, once an innocent child, turns out to be more similar to his murderous toy counterpart than he would like to admit?

Juan also goes through Chucky's kill résumé — which includes, but is not limited to, an evil doctor, a hapless garbageman, and a creepy barber — and let us tell you, that's reason enough to watch this video. So if you're a staunch defendant of Curse and Cult in particular, or if you just enjoy the evil exploits of Chucky, be sure to check out this video and stay tuned for more installments of the Everything You Didn't Know series.