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Dark Matter: The Cast Meets The Mole

Watch as series creator Joe Mallozi waits until the very last minute to reveal the identity of the traitor amongst the Raza crew.

By Bryan Enk

WARNING: SPOILERS! (Though why not watch the Season 1 Finale right now?)

If you were surprised by the revelation of the traitor amongst the Raza crew in the final episode of Dark Matter Season 1, you weren't the only one. Series creator Joe Mallozi kept the identity of the mole a secret from the cast until right before they shot the final scene of the episode.

"Just before the final scene, literally, before we shot the last scene, Joe made a big deal of it, and he'd walk up to each person and say, 'It's … not you,'" Jodelle Ferland (Five) told fans at last weekend's Fan Expo Canada, per The Hollywood Reporter.

And there was some cryptic build-up to the revelation that was no less mysterious. "Our puppet masters went to every person and said, 'You have to have a secret fitting,' and we would show up and try on 'the traitor mask,'" recounted Alex Mallari Jr (Four). "So we're thinking, 'Oh my God, I'm the traitor.'"

You can watch Mallozi killing the cast with suspense -- and, finally, revealing the identity of the mole -- in the video below.

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