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Breaking Down the Dark Matter Season 2 Trailers

So many images. So many clues. What does it all mean?

By Bryan Enk

There has been not one, not two, but three trailers for Dark Matter Season 2 released so far. Each one more tantalizing than the one before it, the trailers promise a season full of even more mystery, intrigue and double-crosses than the first, plus plenty of new characters to spice things up for the Raza gang.

So many images. So many clues. What does it all mean? Let's break down each Dark Matter trailer accordingly and see what we come up with.

Trailer #1 (:20)

The first trailer was short and oh so sweet, showing us that the crew of the Raza are, indeed, now prisoners of the Galactic Authority at some big house in outer space. Check out the Terrence Stamp-lookin' guy checking out Two.


Also check out everyone writhing in pain and covering their ears. We're assuming this is how you stop mess hall fights in the future.


What's going on with Three here? Why does he have one glowing green eye? Whatever's up, we're sure he doesn't like it. He doesn't really like anything.


Whoa, Four's pointing a gun at Five! Cute little Five! Why? We have no idea, though this isn't the only person who will turn their weapon on the Raza's little rugrat this season. Stay tuned ...


Um, also ... is this Dark Matter or Lost Girl? Zoie Palmer's looking more like her Lost Girl character than The Android in this moment.


The first trailer also gave us our first glimpses of new cast members. That's Melanie Liburd as Nyx next to The Android and Shaun Sipos as Devon right behind her.


Finally, here's Marc Bendavid looking decidedly more like Jace Corso than One. And Jace Corso pointing a gun at someone can't mean anything good.


Watch the first Dark Matter Season 2 Trailer:

Dark Matter: Season 2 Trailer #2

Trailer #2 (:60)

The second trailer for Dark Matter Season 2 was three times longer than the first, offering more info on the new season's environment and conflicts. Here's a sweet exterior shot of the prison that the Raza gang now calls home.


And here's a closer look at Melanie Liburd as Nyx. She'll probably be making things interesting for everyone.


Especially with that big gun.


Here's someone who seems to have it in for Four. An assassin sent from his homeworld? A long-lost family rival? Or someone else entirely?


Remember in the first trailer when Four was pointing a gun at Five? Well, now Three's pointing a gun at Five. Poor Five! Unless she deserves to have guns pointed at her. Does she?


And speaking of pointing guns, yeah, we almost guarantee that's Jace Corso and not One. And it looks like Corso is letting his weapon do a lot of the talking in Season 2.


Watch the second Dark Matter Season 2 Trailer:

Dark Matter: Extended Season 2 Trailer

Trailer #3 (:40)

The third trailer for Dark Matter Season 2 opened with a heartbreaker: Five finding out that Six was the one who sold out the Raza gang. Here's the moment right after she slaps him in the face.


Continuing with the aggressive physical contact, here's Nyx giving what for to Three. We're sure he had it coming.


Here's another look at the lady who seems to have it in for Four. She has an entourage.


Also, Lola! Here's a first look at Franke Potente of Run Lola Run fame as Commander Shaddick, Chief Inspector of the Galactic Authority Serious Crimes Division. And yes, she's pointing a gun at Five.


And finally, here's one more shot of The Android's new look. Or maybe she's supposed to be The Android's creator. Or maybe it's a dream sequence. Arrrgghhh, we can't wait!


Watch the third Dark Matter Season 2 Trailer:

Dark Matter: Season 2 Trailer

Dark Matter Season 2 commences on July 1 at 10/9c.