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Hunters: Crack The Code


Hunters follows the disappearance of a decorated FBI agent's wife, which leads him to a secret government unit assembled to hunt a group of ruthless terrorists called "Hunters" who do not come from this world. It's a unique take on the whole "aliens living among us" subgenre, and as luck would have it you can watch full episodes right here

The soundscape of Hunters is integral to the world that is created in the show, and one of the most interesting parts of the Hunter world is their rich mythology which is highlighted by a brand new auditory-based language. See, the Hunters communicate through a combination of clicks (think Predator), and they send long-distance messages to one another with those clicks embedded into music tracks which they share over the net. So what does this have to do cracking a code? Well we've embedded some mesages in Spotify ourselves and if you crack the code you can win some amazing prizes, like Spotify subscriptions and a trip to London. Check out the sweepstakes right here And while you're there make sure to listen to the amazing Hunters soundtrack on Spotify. Gary Numan, Iggy Pop, Interpol . . . It's got playlist material written all over it.