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Everything You Need to Know About Killjoys

Here's a primer on the who, the where and the wtf before Season 2 premieres on Friday July 1 at 9/8c.


Killjoys is a show about sex, drugs and rocking intergalactic bounty hunting. In case you missed the first season (seriously, we feel bad for you if you did because it was pretty awesome), here’s a primer on the who, the where and the wtf so you can get caught up to speed before Season 2 premieres THIS Friday, July 1 at 9/8c.

1. This is Dutch.


She's a whole lot of woman and a killjoy (space bounty hunter) with a complicated past that involves a crazy ass father figure named Khlyen, who stalks her most of the season and creeps us out in the process. Whenever Dutch receives a red box and a weapon she knows she has an order from Khlyen to kill someone - no questions asked. Also, there’s levels to bounty hunting and Dutch is Level 5, which is nothing to sneeze at. Dutch bounty hunts alongside her best friend, John.

2. This is John (and yes, this is the same guy who played “Steve” on Warehouse 13, we like to keep it in the family here at Syfy).

John is super into tech and tricks out their ship, Lucy.  John is cute and Dutch is cute but it’s totally not that type of party. Dutch and John get along like brother and sister and everything was going dangerously swell for the two team adventurers until…

3. The introduction of John’s delinquent brother D’avin, who made three an awkward (yet gorgeous looking) crowd.

D’avin is suffering from some pretty advanced PTSD and a case of the emos but despite his flaws, even Dutch couldn’t resist that jaw line. Eventually D’avin and Dutch blur the lines - against John’s pleas not to - and have sex. And as one might expect, it gets complicated afterwards.

4. D’avin has unwittingly been turned into a killing machine by an evil scientist, played by Amanda Tapping.

He goes berzerk and has a fist fight with Dutch that was pretty gruesome and uncomfortable to watch. If you’re curious about it, you can see it here.

5. Amid working through their complicated work/love relationship, the trio tag teams cases (catch up here)  and hang out in a local bar run by Pree, our favorite bartender from the future.

6. Killjoys are also known as Reclamation Agents and they work for Reclamation Apprehension Coalition (RAC or "The Rack" for short)...

which is an indie company that operates throughout the Quad and issues warrants for people’s arrests/or captures/or kills - same thing. And then there’s Bellus, shown here, who’s something of a mentor to Dutch and assigns her team’s warrants.  

7. Fancy Lee is also a RAC agent.

He is not a team player and prides himself on being a pain in the ass. But he’s good at his job, so people tolerate him.

8. Aside from killjoy hunting (which is akin to modern day bounty hunting but with way cooler weaponry), there’s also a power war brewing between the The Nine.

The Nine are members of the nine families that control The Company. The Company is basically like Big Brother. They know all, they see all, they control all.

9. Also, The Nine families are wealthy as heck and run the Quad (the planetary system where everyone lives) and are landowners of Qresh.

Qresh is basically a playground for the rich. So far, we know about five of The Nine families: Kendry, Lahani, Simms, Derrish and Hiponia.

10. There are four moons in The Quad where people live:

Qresh (for the rich), Leith (an exile for people who aren’t rich enough to live on Qresh), Westerly (working class/or poor community) and Arkyn, which is the smallest of the moons and hasn’t been colonized - or so people think.

11. This is Delle Seyah Kendry.

She’s deeply embroiled in the politics of The Nine, their control of The Company and The Quad. She is without morals, really admires (read: uses) Dutch’s moxie and loves bordeaux lipstick. Johnny describes her as “So rich. So bitch.” So there you have it.

12. Oh and this is doctor Pawter, she had a one time (okay more than one time) tryst with D’avin but he’s just not that into her.

Pawter is a Simms (one of The Nine) but she shamed her family when she accidentally killed a man during surgery because she was high on Jakk (that’s drugs and drugs are bad, kids). Forced to leave the lush life of Qresh, Pawter is now living among common folks on Westerly, but she’s not mad about it. Pawter is nobody’s classist.

13. Outside of class and bounty hunting, religion also plays an important role in The Quad.

Alvis Akari is leader of the Scarbacks and a resistance fighter against The Company. The Scarbacks are called such because they believe in the practice of suspension where one suspends their body from hooks- think: temporary body piercings. Also, members address one another as “uncle” or “aunt”.  

14. This is Khylen, Dutch’s crazy stalker/father figure we mentioned ealier.

He doesn’t own a smile and trained Dutch since she was a young girl to be a killing machine but we still don’t know exactly why he did this and neither does she. It seems that he’s preparing her for a higher purpose, which we hope to learn more about in Season 2! 

15. At the end of the season when the meek (Westerlyns) are set to inherit the some of the earth...

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or Leith land in this case, Delle Seyah uses a genetic bomb to vaporize her rival families, halting the land vote and staging a coup amid The Nine.

16. Alvis and other rebel fighters are blamed for the attack so in retaliation....


The Company starts bombing Old Town, a neighborhood in Westerly, where they live. Pree, Pawter, Alvis, the Scarbacks and a group of survivors take refuge in the tunnel system. Dutch and Johnny take off aboard their ship, Lucy.

17. Meanwhile, D’avin’s been captured by Khylen, along with the annoying Fancy Lee.


Khylen has them hold up in the RAC’s secret program, Red 17, on Arykn, the tiny moon that no one travels to. Here, top agents are turned into Level 6 covert operatives and assassins through gene splicing, reanimation and advanced training. Sounds awful.

18. Just for fun, here’s “baby” Dutch.

Cute, right? And this is Khylen teaching baby Dutch how to kill. Creepy, right?

19. The biggest doozie of them all is that during their last encounter, Khylen revealed to Dutch that he’s Level 6.

Which means…!!…well, we’re not sure what that means yet but off of Dutch’s stunned expression and the fact that D’avin has been kidnapped by Khylen, we’re guessing it’s pretty horrifying news. We get to see how it all plays out in Season 2!