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The Conjuring: Get Off My Lawn!

The owners of the house from The Conjuring are sick of all the ghost hunters wandering around.

By Bryan Enk

It's tough being the owners of a famous movie house ... especially if that house is supposedly haunted.

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Ever since it took the Summer 2013 box office by storm, proving that an R-rated horror film could compete with big summer tentpoles if it's, you know, actually good, The Conjuring has become a new genre classic, sparking renewed interest in the career of real-life paranormal investigators Ed & Lorraine Warren. 

Also of interest to amateur ghost hunters is the house used in the film ... and the owners are none too happy about it.

According to OMG, Norma Sutcliff and Gerry Helfrich are suing Warner Bros. for some big money and a security system, claiming the filmmakers didn't do a good enough job hiding their real address.

"Ever since the movie came out, we’ve been harassed, trespassed [upon], stalked, and beseiged," says Norma. "They come at all times of the day. Last Saturday, I called police at 3:30AM because there was a whole group of them outside the house. It’s horrendous."

Norma says they’ve installed fences and No Trespassing signs on the property since the movie came out, to no avail. ​"It won't end," she says. "I mean, can you imagine the horror of trying to sell this house?"

The events of The Conjuring were recently dramatized on Paranormal Witness. Season 4, Episode 10: "The Real Conjuring" aired on Wednesday, October 28 and is available to watch here.