Tiffany Lonsdale

Tiffany Lonsdale was born in London, England to a British father and Persian mother. As a child, Lonsdale split her time between London and Texas, making for a culturally diverse upbringing, and nurturing her enthusiasm for discovering new people and places.

As a young adult, Lonsdale was accepted into the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, and it was her intention to join the British Army as an officer. However, it was around the same time that she started working for MTV International, traveling the world for large-scale music events. This piqued her interest in the business of entertainment. Soon after, Lonsdale decided to try acting. 

Lonsdale's credits include supporting roles in Paramount Pictures' GI Joe 2: Retaliation and Rocky Mountain Pictures' Snake and Mongoose with Noah Wyle. She can also be seen alongside Stephen Amell in the TV movie Justice for Natalee Holloway. On stage, she appeared opposite Malcolm Barrett in the revivall of The Boomerang Effect in Los Angeles.

Outside of acting, Lonsdale enjoys reading, cooking, and training for the annual Los Angeles Marathon. She lives in Los Angeles with her three adopted pets: two cats and a dog.