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SYFY WIRE fangrrls romance

12 sci-fi and fantasy romance recs to enjoy in June

By Carly Lane & Kayleigh Donaldson
June SFF romance hero

Once again, we're here with the latest and greatest edition of our FANGRRLS Romance series, where your self-professed readers of the romance genre (it us) list some of the books we're looking forward to this month, as well as the slightly older, occasionally non-genre titles that we're finally reading.

We've got 12 sci-fi and fantasy romance recs on our radar that are being released throughout the month of June, but this is by no means exhaustive. Let us know what you're planning on reading in the comments below.

Our continued friendly disclaimer: We're always on the lookout for authors with SFF romance titles to spotlight, so if you're a writer with a book coming out, let us know! You can also chat us up anytime on Twitter, either individually or via SYFY FANGRRLS using the hashtag #FangrrlsRomance. And don't forget to check out last month's releases in case you're looking to add some slightly older books to your ever-towering to-read shelf. Happy reading!

Give Up the Ghost

Give Up the Ghost - Jenn Burke (June 3)

The romance between immortal not-ghost Wes Cooper and vampire Hudson Rojas continues in the latest of Burke's Not Dead Yet series. On the surface, they seem to have it all, especially thanks to their latest efforts in PI work — but Wes is keeping a secret pretty close to the vest, something that threatens to throw his abilities into a place beyond chaos. But what will happen when fresh hell literally breaks loose in Toronto, unleashing superstrong ghosts in the process? Wes might need to channel his new powers to stop them, even if it means losing everything that matters to him along the way.

Goddess Academy

Goddess Academy - Clara Hartley (June 3)

The heroine of Hartley's first book in her upcoming Goddess Academy series seems, on the surface, to have everything going for her. She's been accepted to an Ivy League school, her boyfriend is a bonafide hottie, the list goes on. But when she discovers said hottie BF cheating on her, her resulting grief tailspin leads to the surprising discovery that she may not belong in the mortal world after all. Spirited off to a mythical academy and declared to be the long-lost daughter of a Greek goddess, it seems like the perfect way to get over an ex — but the school harbors its own secrets at every turn, and that paired with some unexpected family drama may not be the dream she anticipated to begin with.

Shadow Warrior

Shadow Warrior - Christine Feehan (June 4)

The newest installment of Feehan's New York Times-bestselling series, about a Chicago crime family who harbor their own mystical secrets, pairs all the elements we love about thriller romance with just enough of a paranormal dash to put a unique spin on the story. Vittorio Ferraro has always been loyal to his family, ride-or-die for his siblings especially, but has secretly longed to start his family of his own. Enter Grace, the woman who has been drawn to the billionaire bad boy — or his public-facing persona, that is. When they realize their connection isn't based just on attraction but their fated destiny, Vittorio wants to do anything to keep Grace in his life, but Grace's monster of a brother might have something to say about it.

The Beyond

The Beyond - Chloe Neill (June 4)

A year after the Veil between the human world and the world Beyond was irreparably torn, war still rages. Sensitive Claire and bounty hunter Liam have been trying to salvage what's left of their native New Orleans, but already a new enemy is threatening to destroy everything they hold dear. When Claire discovers the existence of a magical weapon that could turn the tide in their favor, she and Liam realize they have to cross into the Beyond itself if they want to save their beloved city.

Wolf Rain

Wolf Rain - Nalini Singh (June 4)

The wonderful, long-running Psy-Changeling series continues with the newest book by Nalini Singh. Kidnapped as a young girl and isolated from existence, the Psy girl named Memory has nothing but loathing for her "gift," even after she's rescued from her circumstances by a certain grumbly wolf. Alexei has tried to keep everyone in his life at arm's length for a reason, to not grow too attached — but Memory makes him want to risk everything for the possibility of love. Will he choose her, or let her succumb to the darkness that wants to erase her from existence?

A Nurse for the Wolfman

A Nurse for the Wolfman - Eve Langlais (June 6)

Nurse Margaret has just gotten a job offer that sounds too good to be true. The only problem is she can't tell anyone about it. Once she arrives at the mysterious clinic hidden in the Rockies, she's immediately suspicious of what the doctors and scientists there are up to. The situation worsens once she meets her patient Luke, an angry former soldier who seems to have become something else entirely — something with glowing green eyes. You can probably figure out where this is headed purely based on the title alone, right?

King of Ruin

King of Ruin - May Sage (June 6)

After the seven lords of Sidhe are killed in a single day, the thrones of the fae realm pass down to their next legitimate heirs. As for the Iron Circle? Its leader lives in another world entirely, but the new nobles intend to seek out the heir and destroy him — or her. Melpomene has never known who she really is or where she comes from, but she's stopped caring — right up until the fae come for her, taking her to a land where the power she's struggled to bury for centuries could mean the difference between survival and death.

Wrath of the Goddess

Wrath of the Goddess - Lauren Dane (June 10)

Elite hunter and human vessel to the goddess Brigid, Rowan Summerwaite has just returned home to Vegas — and she's pissed. Someone thought they could mess with Rowan and her loved ones, but they definitely underestimated what the consequences could be. Now, Rowan and everyone she loves, including her sexy vampire husband Clive, are prepared to bring the pain on their home turf — but is Rowan prepared to make the necessary sacrifices in service of the greater good?


Burn - Keri Arthur (June 11)

Nara Velez wakes up in prison with absolutely no idea how she got there, and as she comes back to reality, she learns that things have drastically changed over the gap in her memory. Most of her people have been subjugated by an ancient enemy, treated little better than slaves. Now, she has no choice but to work with Kaiden Silva, a man she's literally been chained to and someone who doesn't trust her in the slightest. But escaping their captors is the least of their problems. Will a woman with no memory be able to lead her people to salvation, or will she ultimately prove to be their destruction?


Infected - Maya Riley (June 13)

Post-apocalyptic zombie-type outbreak with a magical component to boot? Everything about Riley's first book in her Releasing the Magic series feels tailor-made for us, quite frankly. Something known as the Void Virus has been unleashed on Earth, laying waste to the world, and anyone infected has been reduced to a shell of what they once were. Alone against the world, a woman named Blyss (along with her loyal German Shepherd) must fight to survive against what are being called the "Rotters," but her solitude is broken when four wayward men enter her life and basically refuse to leave. Together, they all could set the world on fire. What's the worst that could happen?

Kingdom of Exiles

Kingdom of Exiles - Maxym Martineau (June 25)

This new fantasy trilogy is being described as Assassin's Creed meets Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which is definitely going to be someone's very specific cup of tea. Exiled Charmer Leena is very quickly running out of time. Forced to sell her precious magical beasts — an offense that's punishable by death — there's a price on her head. But with the realm's best assassin, Noc, close on her heels, Leena realizes she might have to strike a bargain with him, and as the two grow closer, beyond their unique circumstances, they realize they'll be forced to choose between what the law dictates and what their hearts demand.

Wolf Instinct

Wolf Instinct - Paige Tyler (June 25)

SWAT team meets werewolf romance? Sign us up for this immediately. Zane, the hero of this novel who exemplifies both aspects, is ready to go HAM on the man who attacked his pack, so much so that he's been hunting him all the way to Los Angeles — but when he comes face-to-face with FBI Agent Alyssa, who's been investigating a set of strange happenings recently, the two have the mutual revelation that their cases might very well intersect. Will they be able to pursue this sinister mission and then go their separate ways, or will their deep attraction lead them to an outcome they couldn't have foreseen?

Proper English

Kayleigh's Miscellaneous Recs

I’ve been on something of a crime binge lately, which is new for me because I haven’t been a crime reader since I was a teen. It turns out that the perfect reading material for one’s anxiety is books full of quirky lovely people from quaint small towns who eat nice food, have strong friendships and then, all of the sudden, there’s a horrifying murder! The more you know (go read some Louise Penny books and see what I mean). In romance news, KJ Charles's Proper English is a historical lesbian romance with murder so of course it is my bag. A friend feverishly recommended the work of Jackie Lau, especially The Ultimate Pi Day Party, which centers on hot Canadians and puns involving pie and Pi. And for romantic comics, I recently discovered Pamela Ribon and Cat Farris's excellently titled My Boyfriend is a Bear. It's about a woman whose boyfriend is a bear, and he's better than basically any human male. I can relate.

Red White & Royal Blue

Carly's Miscellaneous Recs

This might just be a byproduct of summertime, but between the recent release of Always Be My Maybe on Netflix and the perfect poolside-reading weather we've been having lately, I'm super into romance novels that hit all of my super tropey, rom-com-brand buttons. Enter Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston, in which the First Son of the USA has an unexpected international romance with the Prince of Wales after some unfortunate hijinks force them to forge a friendship for public-facing diplomacy. It looks beautiful and joyous and very much my jam. I've also raved about Helen Hoang, and her latest The Bride Test promises to be just as lovely as The Kiss Quotient was, so I can't wait to dive into both while keeping my pale body entirely out of the sun over the next month.