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SYFY WIRE Days of Marvel

15 Days of Everything Else Day 2: Blade II (2002)

Blade II

Welcome back to 15 Days of Everything Else, a variation on our Days of Marvel podcast in which we're taking a look at all the non-MCU Marvel movies that also aren't X-Men movies. (It'll make more sense as it goes along, trust us.)

Today it's all about Blade II (2002), director Guillermo del Toro's feature-length audition to do Hellboy (2004). Blade teams up with a group of vampires known as the 'Blood Pack' (subtle) to take on a threat to both human- and vampire-kind: the Reapers, who have giant teethy mouths of death. From there it gets all sorts of Frankenstein-ish. And Ron Perlman's in it, of course. As is Norman Reedus, who refers to Blade as 'B,' because 'Blade' we guess has too many syllables.

Uh ...

Anyway, remember it with us below.

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