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31 questions we hope Edward Cullen answers in Stephenie Meyer's Midnight Sun

By Zoraida Córdova
Credit: Summit 

With the impending release of Midnight Sun, and with it Stephenie Meyer's return to Forks, Washington, I certainly have questions. The teen love story between a vampire and the girl whose blood he craves, Twilight has sold millions of copies worldwide and sparked five feature films. Meyer has been able to do what, to my understanding, no other author has been able to do with their debut novel: She's been able to reinvent and reimagine her main characters in different ways. Imagine if Leigh Bardugo wrote Shadow and Bone from the Darkling's POV or if George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones gender-bent Daenerys and Jon Snow.

Twilight's legacy is a dichotomy of adoring fans who irrevocably love it and fierce feminist criticism. Edward is a sparkly, brooding, tortured vampire whose life changes when he meets a girl. Bella's straightforward narration is an intense inner monologue dedicated to Edward. But Meyer has reimagined their love story twice. A decade after Twilight's initial publication, Meyer released Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined. It was like a choose-your-own-adventure for the vampire-human romance. On one side was the classic version, and on the other side was a reimagining of Edythe and Beau. What if the brooding vampire was a girl? What if the clumsy new student was a boy?

In an interview with Stephenie Meyer insisted that the core story wouldn't change. Every character in the story gets a heteronormative binary gender "swap" for a single book. Though I will say that I would loooooove to have seen how Meyer would have handled the Renesmee storyline in Breaking Dawn. No miracle vampire baby for Edythe and Beau.

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In 24 hours I have re-read and re-watched Twilight. I am now extremely ready for Midnight Sun, the long-awaited retelling of Twilight from Edward Anthony Cullen's POV. We get inside the mind of the 100-year-old vampire heartthrob and I, for one, have questions that need answering.

1. If Alice could see strangers like Victoria, James, and Laurent come to town, did her Spidey-senses tingle when Bella made the decision to move to Forks? A little heads up that Edward was going to meet his soul mate would have been nice, Alice.

2. When was the last time Edward fed before then? He can barely control his blood lust around Bella, so did he not eat his breakfast of champions that morning?

3. Did Edward make a snowman when everyone was having a snowball fight?

4. Bella is obsessed with Edward's epidermis. She notices when he goes from pale to paler. “His skin was less pale. I decided. Flushed from the snow fight, maybe.” What is his skincare regimen? Being undead is no reason to be ashy. The people want to know!

5. What is going through his mind when he first sees her?

6. Edward asks, "What if I'm not the hero. What if I'm the bad guy?" Who is Edward's favorite superhero and villain? Does he even like comic books?

7. Where else has Edward lived? Creatures of the night can go anywhere, so why Forks?

8. How many languages does Edward speak? Stefan Salvatore can speak many languages. Come meet him *up here,* Edward.

9. Bella describes him as having ultra white teeth. But I imagine that blood will stain the way black coffee and red wine do. Does Edward use whitening strips or LED light?

10. How does he feel when he realizes he can't read her mind?

11. This is more of an observation than a question but Edward really needs to work on his poker face.


12. What's his favorite song that isn't "Clair de Lune"? #DoYouEvenDebussyBro

13. How was his camping trip with Emmett? Did he catch a bear or caribou? Emmett says maybe five things during the whole series. Edward is the quiet bookish and Emmett is a vampire jock bro. What do they even talk about?

14. How did he kill time while Bella was dress shopping with Angela and Jessica? Did he go to the indie bookshops to find a vintage copy of Wuthering Heights?

15. Does Edward read anything that isn't classic? Does he like Game of Thrones? Is he a Star Wars fan?

16. Edward tells Bella he drives a hundred miles an hour and has never gotten a ticket. But has he ever been in a drag race?

17. After their first "date" he went home to work on a paper. What was the paper about, and why doesn't he have templates of homework after decades of going to high school? It's not like curriculums have changed much.

18. The "spider monkey" line is from the movie, but I think we'd like to know what Edward's favorite animal is.


19. Edward was turned into a vampire in 1918 when he was dying from Spanish Influenza. Carlisle has been a doctor saving lives but what have the other Cullens been doing? When you live forever, I would think you want to think about the literal end of the world with climate change. Stefan Salvatore fought in a World War. Do the Cullens think about making the world a better place at all or just keep repeating high school? What is your social responsibility when you're rich, white, and can't die?

20. Speaking of Carlisle, he turned Rosalie thinking that she'd make a good mate for Edward. But why didn't it work out? Was Edward a bad kisser? Was it the worst date EVER? Is this how he ended up a 100-year-old virgin? TO BE A FLY ON THE WALL AT THAT FIRST DATE.

Credit: Summit 

21. Why do Rosalie and Jasper have the last name Hale but everyone else Carlisle?

22. No one knows who turned Alice, but Edward says whoever it was "he" left her alone. How does he know it wasn't a lady vamp?

23. Are the bedrooms in the Cullen house soundproof since, according to Breaking Dawn, Twilight vampire sex is supposed to be loud and break stuff, or do the couples have to leave to have some alone time?

24. What games, other than chess, do the Cullens play? Does Carlisle trounce everyone at Scrabble? Does Alice win every game of Twister because she can see where people will move?

25. What is going through his head while Bella is sleeping? Does he think about how weird it is? Does he read any magazines? Do some light journaling? Make a sandwich?

26. How many times have Rosalie and Emmett gotten married?

27. Who is the reigning champion of the vampire baseball game?

Credit: Summit 

28. What is the Cullens' home team? Is it the Mariners? Or do they root for their original state teams?

29. What is Edward's meltdown like when Bella gives him the slip and runs away to face the evil James?

30. What was going through his mind while Edward was draining the vamp poison from Bella's body?

31. Is this Edward's first prom?

Credit: Summit 

Hopefully we'll have a few answers soon. Most hopefully, the Twister thing.

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